Mesmerised by The Smoke Thief

By the time I reached chapter two, Shana Abe had me utterly mesmerised by The Smoke Thief, the deserving winner of the Historical Romance of the Year title conferred by the Romantic Times Bookclub.

Mesmerised by The Smoke Thief

Abe wove a bewitching tale of dragons, magic, love and passion with her deft pen, transporting readers to an exciting world of supernatural adventure and romance. Set in Georgian England, this story about a secret tribe of shape-shifting drakon nobles brings together two forbidden lovers in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Clarissa Rue feigned her own death 9 years ago to break free from the tribe to pursue her own life. Using her shape-shifting skills and cleverness at disguises, she managed to build a living of modest luxury with her own wits. However, she didn’t count on her notoriety as the Smoke Thief to draw the enigmatic drakon leader, the Marquess of Langford, to London using as bait, the tribe’s sacred jewel, to draw out what he suspected was a renegade tribal member.

While on the trail of the thief, Christoff (Kit) discovered that he may have just found the perfect bride in Rue. So, while he sought to protect the clan from exposure to mortals, Kit has to resist giving him in to his baser instincts of marking Rue as his.  For Rue clings fiercely to her independence, and is reluctant to acknowledge the heady attraction between them. Since he needed her to help him track down another renegade who stole the family jewel, Kit may have no choice but to accept her proposal to join forces.

This book simply dazzles from start to finish, from its tight plotting, mood building prose and palpable romantic tension between Rue and Kit to the character development, fantasy world creation and originality. I couldn’t have picked a better book to cap off an already stellar line-up of good books after Paris.

I’ve also seen and read other review of this unoforgettable story, and so far they’ve all been favourable. This is definitely one series worth pursuing and I’m so glad I read it.I’m on the lookout for The Dream Thief.


4 thoughts on “Mesmerised by The Smoke Thief

  1. ag says:

    Jennie, LOL, that’s a good reason to like this book. I love Kit and Rue.

    kristie, can’t wait to hear what you think of the Dream Thief.

    Marg, trust me, you won’t regret it.

  2. Isn’t this one grand? I thought it was very good too! I have the next one The Dream Thief sitting in my TBR pile. After reading your review and remembering how much I enjoyed TST I really need to move TDT up a few!!

  3. Man…I bought this book in December and haven’t read it yet. Now I need to rejuggle my reading order to get to it sooner rather than later

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