There I Go Again

You would have thought the greedy bookworm in me will be satisfied with that last outing to the bookstore.

But no, I had no sooner found spaces on my overstuffed shelf for those new books than I start thinking about completing my Goddess Summoning series. Next thing I knew, I’m inside Amazon adding these to the cart faster than you could blink your eye:

There I Go Again There I Go Again  There I Go Again

Goddess of Spring

Goddess of the Sea

Goddess of the Rose

And, from my wishlist:

Divine by Choice, all four above and this by P C Cast

The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey

There I Go AgainThere I Go Again

I was berating myself the next day for succumbing to the temptation yet again, until I read Samantha’s comment about returning characters. That little tip-off from her made me glad that I had the foresight of getting the remainder of Cast’s Goddess series before starting on Goddess of Light. Thanks, Sam!!


2 thoughts on “There I Go Again

  1. ag says:

    Yes, Sam. It appears that I’ve been bingeing again. I’m feeling so smug about getting the (well, nearly) entire set.

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