When You Believe in Jessica Inclan

Besides its beauty and allure as one of the incomparably romantic places I’ve visited, Paris will always be remembered for introducing me to Jessica Inclan and her brilliant Paranormal Fantasy work, When You Believe.

I had gone into Shakespeare & Co intending only to be a gawking tourist and soak in the atmosphere. But my love of books soon had me browsing and my surprise find is this marvelous debut of Inclan’s planned trilogy about Les Croyants du Trois, a group of powerful telepaths and healers. I started this book the very next night after buying it and by the time I finished chapter two, I was hooked.

When You Believe in Jessica Inclan

Besides the striking cover, which Beverly finds interesting, this ‘magical, mystical tale’ is such a refreshing departure from your usual paranormal fare of vampires, werewolves, and other magical semi-human beings that I got into the story pretty quickly, unlike Jayne.

Poet Miranda Stead stumbled into a council meeting of the mysterious Les Croyants, a magical organisation pledged to protect the human (moyenne) world from dark forces, while escaping from three thugs one fateful night. Suspected at first of being a spy for an evil enemy, Miranda was rescued by mindreading healer Sariel Valasay who, attracted to her beauty, wit and spirit, and recognising that he may have found his soulmate, was reluctant to erase her memories of the evening as he has been entrusted to do. How could he when all he wants is for her to believe … in the magic of their love.

I was immediately intrigued by the possibilities of Miranda’s and Sariel’s chance encounter, and already had a niggling suspicion that the heroine has croyant blood in her by chapter three. How else do you explain the travel through time and space. It can’t simply be explained away as coincidence. Boy was I gratified when I was proven right in the end. I like the process of Miranda discovering and using her fledgling powers.

And I love how Inclan drew out the heady attraction between the two main characters. The palpable tension and sizzle between them is an exciting counterpoint to the slow build-up to the confrontation between the protagonists and the stereotypical villain, who nonetheless served his purpose on the plot development. No complains there from me. There were some sappy reunions and forgiving the last two chapters, but I’m a sucker for such tear jerkers so I lapped them all up.

When You Believe in Jessica Inclan

I like this serial kickoff so much I’m already looking out for its sequel, Reason to Believe, which was given a Four Hearts rating by The Romance Reader. Lil over at Love Romances and More has also assured that ‘you can’t go wrong picking up Reason to Believe’.

It also appears I’m not the only one enarmoured of this marvelous story, Romance Reviews Today and My Romance Story gave pretty good recs for this book. Jayne at Dear Author gave this a C+ although I feel it deserves better.

Of course, I finished it on the plane ride home. It was that compelling a page turner for me, and worth every dollar of the four Euros I paid for it. Now, my mission is to hunt down the next two books.


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  1. My god. What a lovely blog posting. After a long day of teaching freshman composotion and battling the stomach flu, I came home to read this review of When You Believe. Trust me when I tell you that not only does it make me feel great based on what you say–but that my book was in Shakespeare and Co!

    I would love to send you the other two–if you go to my web site and follow the link to contact me and provide me your address, I would be happy to do so as a thank you for basically just reading!

    Google alerts sent this to me, and I’m thrilled to have received it!

    All best,

    Jessica Inclan

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