Impulse Shopping Again

Went into Borders (it’s so near my office now the temptation to step in there every evening is almost unbearable!) last evening after knocking off, intending to check the shelves for Magic Study, Reason to Believe, and just maybe, the Goddess of Spring and the latest Madeline Hunter.

The bookstore’s having a hot sale and it’s 20% off romances and thrillers, plus I’ve still got that $20 voucher to use up. So what did I do? I gave in to impulse and hauled back these lovelies instead:

Impulse Shopping Again  Impulse Shopping Again

Goddess of Light by P C Cast

Under Camelot’s Banner by Sarah Zettel (I’m so sucked in by these Arthurian tales)

Cold as Ice by Anne Stuart (she’s revamped her website, and it looks super cool)

The Grail King by Joy Nash (her website is pretty decent)

Impulse Shopping Again

The Warrior by Judith E. French (new author to me … I just love the cover)

I also took home The Ultimate CRM Handbook by John G. Freeland, a nice hardcover book which cost me more than $60, to read for work purposes. This should be an interesting book as it discusses why CRM has failed to live up to expectations and how companies can go about facing the challenges. Hmmm … I can see lots of points for lively debates in there.

Am happy that I’ve two from my wishlist. Now if only they have Shana Abe’s The Dream Thief, that’ll make me happier.


3 thoughts on “Impulse Shopping Again

  1. Oooo! Yay for big sales!

    And I feel the need to warn you that Goddess of Light is kind of the sequel to Goddess of Spring. There’ll be references to Cast’s Goddess of Spring in it and you’ll see the two main characters return for a bit. They’re the only two books in the series that do that. Just thought I’d warn you. 😛

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