Paris, Here I come!

Only about 18 hours to go before I board the plane for Paris, and I’m a bundle of nerves. My initial excitement has given way to nervousness.

What if I get lost?  What if I haven’t packed enough of warm clothing?  What if? What if? I’ve got to the stage where I’m just surfing the web for anything to read about Paris, but I told myself enough of that hyper activity. I had to force myself to take a power nap this afternoon just to wind down.

It’s also my first day at the new job today, hence the nervousness.  What if my French colleagues in Paris don’t like me? That’d be terrible considering that I’ll be working very closely with them in future, possibly throughout my new career.  Shit, I hope I don’t screw up big time.

OTOH, some of my old friends have been sending me very supportive messages and useful info.  An old friend tipped me off about this quaint little bookstore, Shakespeare & Co., seeing how much I love books (Thanks, Denis!).  He has recommended The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Anyone else care to share his/her opinion of this book? I heard it’s critically acclaimed.

Laura posted lots of advice on dress code, and sights.  Thank you, Laura, from the bottom of my heart.  And I will try to stop by Charlotte de l’Isle on Ile St. Louis.

Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to breathe deeply and not have any anxiety attacks.  Not that I’ve had any, mind?  But this is my first taste of the City of Lights.

Paris, here I come!!!


10 thoughts on “Paris, Here I come!

  1. Very Jealous! Hope you’re having a grand ol time! (Sip a glass of Red for me!)

    I read the Kite Runner and liked it alot. It’s very emotional and one part is particularly wince worthy- but you have to read it to the end!

  2. I’m thinking they will love you and you will have a great time! Let us know how things are going – if you get a chance that is. We are talking Paris!
    Have fun!

  3. Paris is such an awesome city. You will love it. I have heard either you love or you hate The Kite Runner. I have it, but have not read it yet.

  4. ag says:

    Thanks, ladies! I promise to post pictures after the trip. Unfortunately, I won’t be having my laptop with me so will have to find another way to post.

    If you don’t see any new updates in the next few days, you’ll know I’m probably enjoying myself too much! Have a good week, everyone!

    With much love (and too much time) from the airport. :))

  5. Cindys says:

    I hope you have a great time! Hopefully someone will want to show you come of the sights. I would be jealous except I don’t fly so not jealous of that part but of seeing Paris, absolutely 😉


  6. Don’t be nervous! Just have fun. It’s PARIS. Don’t forget to try to see it at night, too. A boat ride or whatever. Along the Seine at night–it’s magic.

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