Saphira Rocks! So does Charlotte!

Caught the movies Charlotte’s Web after Boxing Day and Eragon on New Year’s Day with the kids, and enjoyed both movies very much.


Charlotte’s Web was poignant for me because of the beautiful message of friendship and selfless love of a little spider for a little pig who made the other farmyard dwellers see her beauty and talent for what it is: God’s miraculous creation. By the end of the movie, when Charlotte (voiced by Julia Roberts, who made the arachnid so human and generous in giving it made me cry) was dying, I was surreptitiously drying my eyes while the kids got ready to file out of the cinema with the neighbour’s kids. It’s a simple retelling of E B White’s famous children’s tale but it sure packs a powerful message in it. I recommend this for all moms, and am already watching out for the video. My kids enjoyed the show too, due in large part to the talking animals. My daughter caught the message of the story though, and for that I’m glad.

Spotted a few familiar voices, but didn’t realize that Robert Redford, Ophrah Winfrey, John Cleese, Reba McEntire and Kathy Bates played some of the farm characters until I checked out the movie website after the show. This is one show that will become a classic. Dakota Fanning’s charming portrayal of Fern tugs at your heart strings.

We watched Eragon at my behest, and I’m glad we did cos my son really enjoyed watching the dragon. I haven’t gotten round to reading the book yet, but wanted to see how the screen version interprets the book. Saphira (voiced by Rachel Weisz) really rocks! The animation is very realistic and the facial expressions are a delight to watch. Ed Speleers is commendable for bringing the brash yet righteous Eragon to life, but I couldn’t [help] expecting a little more.

Heeding the siren call of books

John Malkovich’s exaggerated portrayal of the villain is a sharp contrast to the balanced performance of the rest of the cast. I was quite sad when Jeremy Irons was killed. Other than that, the movie is a pretty okay debut of the Inheritance franchise, and the ending shows some promise of excitement in the confrontation between good and evil again, so it’s going to remain in my radar for quite a while.

The other movies that we wanted to catch but didn’t manage to is Night at the Museum. My daughter enjoyed the trailer and wanted to watch it. We were treated to the trailer of the movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix before Eragon came on though, so it was a good day at the big screen after all.

Saphira Rocks! So does Charlotte!

I’ve been looking up the movie website for news (hmm, don’t you just love movie websites?  They’re always so well designed in term of concept, story board and navigation). As it stands now, the movie is scheduled to premiere on 13 July.  Like Mailyn, and many other HP fans, I can’t wait for it to hit the screens. This is one of the most anticipated movie outing of the year for me. Meanwhile, I’m staving off the hunger by visiting the movie website every now and then. I just love the photo of Dumbledore’s Army … it shows the young cast with determined looks on their faces, all poised for battle.

Saphira Rocks! So does Charlotte!

Saphira rocks, but Harry Potter rules!