Counting Down …

To D-day of course, the day of freedom, my last day at work is T-2. Just two more days and I’ll be off to full dress rehearsals for the Christmas Musical which I’ve volunteered to blog about as part of Marg’s and Kailana’s Christmas 2006 Advent Calendar.

We’ve just had our first rehearsal with the actors lat Saturday and things are looking good. This is my first time singing with a choir in a musical so naturally I’m excited.

I’ve also been busy shopping for gifts for my mates at work, so haven’t been able to sit down much to blog, much less speak about the musical but, scout’s honour, I promise to do so soon.

Meanwhile, between staying up until 1am to finish wrapping up those pressies, I’ve been brewing some ideas for the farewell note. It’ll definitely have to be designed as an emailer, hopefully this will be a pleasant surprise for my friends.

Catch y’all later! Am off to cobble together some ideas for the parting speech … eh, note.



2 thoughts on “Counting Down …

  1. ag says:

    Hi Holly, it’s easy when you’re singing in a group. Draw courage off each other, y’know.

    Happy Christmas and have a wonderful 2007!

  2. Look, I can comment! YAY! 😉

    The musical sounds like a lot of fun! I can’t wait to hear more about it. I have to tell you, though, that I’m terribly envious of you. I have TERRIBLE stage fright and an even worse singing voice. LOL

    Good luck with the shopping. I’ve done most of mine online this year (it’s just so much easier).


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