WebWatching again

Yep, I know it isn’t Wednesday, but these blog designs caught my eye.

Longbourn Loungers

WebWatching again

They’ve been around for a while and I’ve visited this Pride & Prejudice fanfiction site occasionally. I just would like to highlight that this site has various Austen and P&P related discussions going on so you’re in need of an Austen fix, join the Longbourn Loungers for tea.

Oh, and did I mention that there are links to the Pride fanlist and Austen Impressions, where you can get your fix of other Austen works.

WebWatching againWebWatching again

Sanctuary’s Finest


This is one of rare group reader blogs that I visit. Izzy, Dylan, Holly, Jazz, Grace and Daphne pen their individual blogs but come together here to share their honest thoughts about books, and they sometimes have different members reading and reviewing the same books. Sometimes with slightly contrasting views so it makes the review balanced. Ooh, and I like the Quote of the Week.

If you like their 60s pin-up doll banner, do check out the blogs of Jazz, Grace (the Shoe-aholic) and Daphne.

And all that Jazz

jazzNever knew grey and white could look so cool until I stumble upon Jazz’s blog. Her blog design is variation of Marg’s based on template by Caz. Unique in the use of the colour grey.

Daphne’s Adventures

WebWatching again

That pinup doll bent over with her derriere to you is a coquette through and through. She catches the roving eye, doesn’t she?

Shoe-aholic Grace and Romance Book crazy Nikki share a similarity in that both blog owners chose an illustration of a beach babe lounging by the sand as their banners. I like these for the artfully rendered illustrations … so California dreaming.

WebWatching again

Envisioning the Next Harry Movie nikki

Gabrielle’s Diary
WebWatching again

My favourite shade – blue – shows up here in a cheery, brighter hue, and whimsical hibiscus curling over the edges. I love the fact that she has made the effort to hunt down and list the links to readers, writers, industry related discussions and other blogs that are fun or rock her world. It doesn’t hurt that she peppers her blog with lots of pics of beautiful Paris, where she’s based.

Gabrielle Luthy’s writer website is equally whimsical and rich in resources for aspiring writers, and I like what she’s trying to give back to the writing community. There’s even a section on Paris, which is going to be very helpful to me as I’m headed there in January for business meetings and hope to squeeze some time in for sightseeing.

WebWatching again

Literary Chicks

WebWatching again

Speaking of whimsical designs, Literary Chicks is another one which appeals to the feminine side of me. This is another site with a healthy respect for white space and I love the neatness, cleanness and brightness of the background contrasted against the banner of colourful objects, which I presume would mean something to each of the six authors. I like it too that they’ve roped in their other half to post on the care and feeding of authors. If that’s not support and love …. awwwwwwwww!!


WebWatching againLove this for the book theme, the bookmark for the sidebar and the quill simply appeal to the bookworm in me.


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  1. Damn. I so misunderstood your web Wednesdays. LOL I came over to steal the link to you because I thought you were looking at sites regarding ease use and if they were easy to read and find info.

    Ah well, they are pretty and you are right Mailyn does some kick ass graphics.

  2. Thanks for featuring me again! I’m starting to get the idea you like my work. LOL. ^_^

    OK, OK seriously thanks! Oh and I am going to see Eragon this weekend!!!

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