Dragon Sighting

It’s here! Eragon, the movie, opens in local cinemas today!!!

While I’m still trying to find time to read the book, the much anticipated movie is going to begin its screening this evening. I’ve plans to bring the kids to watch it either this or next weekend at the neighbourhood cinema.

My son loves dragons and couldn’t stop raving about Aslan after watching Narnia, so this should be a treat to him. He loves the dragon from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, unsurprisingly, too!

Dragon Sighting

The website is marvelously wrought with fantastic trailers, images, fun games and wonderful sound effects (listen for the sound of swords clanging). Hmm … I like movie websites … they’re always well planned and make great publicity vehicles, drumming up excitement and interest for the show, and at the same time, the book written by then 15-year-old Christopher Paolini (he’s 23 now).

The movie stars Ed Speleers, a hitherto unknown actor, as Eragon. The hunt for this lead character rivals that of the casting search for the cinematic Harry Potter which went to Dan Radcliffe. Since this is but the first instalment of the Inheritance trilogy (the book sequel, Eldest, won the 2006 Quill Award in Young Adult Literature category), I won’t be surprised if Speleers became famous.

Dragon Sighting

Another reason why I want to catch this movie is Jeremy Irons, in his element as Brom the narrator, and one of the few positive roles since … in a long while. There are other heavyweights, like John Malkovich, and Robert Carlyle that’ll prove just as interesting to watch as villains.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with these words from Christopher:

“I do believe in magic—the magic of stories to give you wonder, awe, and revelations. Such feelings can come from small things; in a fey vision of fairy dust swirling in marble moonbeams, or at the end of an epic where a wave of emotion washes over you, sweeping away the mundane world for a moment.”

I think he’s described my sense of wonder when I delve into a good fantasy novel excactly.  Oh, and here are pic to tide you over in case you’re impatient for the opening like I am.

Dragon Sighting

Dragon Sighting

Dragon Sighting


3 thoughts on “Dragon Sighting

  1. ag says:

    Mailyn, I think the opening dates vary from country to country. I didn’t expect it this soon here, until I saw the trailers on TV.

    DC,I do that sometime too. But I’ll get the DVD for this. Most of my DVD collection consists of fantasy and action movies … beside anime of course.

  2. I want to see this too, though I was trying to wait to read the book first. Knowing me, I’ll probably end up just catching it on DVD. I suck like that. LOL. 😛

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