Oops, I did IT Again!

Went on a book shopping binge, that is.

I joined some of my colleagues from the design and projects division for dinner – word of my resignation spread really quickly, it seems – and on the way back home, I decided to pop by Borders on a whim, intending to check if they’ve got Maria Snyder’s Magic Study on the shelf.

Well, let’s just say the book-mad gal in me got a lil’ crazy, and I ended up lugging home more books than I could possibly hope to finish in the next three months.

Oops, I did IT Again! pleasurex2

Besides Eloisa James’ latest, Pleasure for Pleasure and Christina Dodd’s The Prince Kidnaps A Bride, which I simply have to get after reading the other two Lost Princesses’ books, these are the new additions to the mini library:

Oops, I did IT Again!

Divine by Mistake by P. C Cast – I love ancient Egyptian and Greek myths, and this one sounds like fun, and the cover looks stunning!

The Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass – this Aussie author is new to me, and ooh boy was I tempted to get her Troy Game series too …

The Smoke Thief by Shana Abe

The Hazards of Hunting A Duke by Julia London – I haven’t read her books in ages

Countess Confidential by Barbara Dawson Smith

Oops, I did IT Again!  Oops, I did IT Again!

The Black Swan by Mercedes Lackey – Couldn’t find the one I wanted, but this retelling of the Swan Lake caught my attention.

Camelot’s Honour by Sarah Zettel – this one’s a gamble cos’ the author’s new to me and I haven’t read the first in the series she wrote yet!

Oops, I did IT Again! Of Pride and Blood

I also picked two old favourites – The Pride of Lions by Marsha Canham and Strangers at Dawn by Elizabeth Thornton – out of sheer nostalgia.

After this little detour, I told myself I’ve got to watch it when the new year comes around. We’re looking to hire a domestic helper as my new job will require a fair bit of traveling, which means I really, really need to watch the expenses. So this will have to be my last binger for a long while.

But it doesn’t help that the counter staff rewards you with $10 rebate vouchers for your next purchase!!! And a discount card for Christmas purchases. How’s a book lover like me going to resist such temptations!!

p.s. Eloisa has revamped her website, and it looks girly and gorgeous!!


9 thoughts on “Oops, I did IT Again!

  1. Wow, you did some good shopping. I got the new EJ a few nights ago. Haven’t read it yet ~ I need to read the other 3 in the series first. It’s on my to do list for next year.

  2. I am somewhat late but CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!!!

    And how stupid are those people?!?! Who says a man can do a better job?! You are better off without them. ^_^

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