Some wonderful news

Just before I left for my holiday last week, I received a call from the headhunter offering me a job in another company within the same industry.  I jumped at the opportunity, and tendered my resignation two days ago.

I had been in a bit of a funk since some of my team mates left the company two months ago. I kept asking myself if I’m learning anything new, and the answer is no. Then the headhunter came along with this fresh new challenge of a job playing dual roles, one in an area that I’m passionate about – ebusiness, and which I have relevant experience, and the other in a field that I’m totally new to, CRM.  Therein lies the appeal, I told myself.  This is the chance to learn something new, to work my brain cells and carve out a new niche.

While I was still exploring the opportunity, my current boss asked me to assume the responsibilities of the department head while waiting for our new director to join the company.  I asked for the head position — so tired of ‘babysitting’ for the HOD and always being passed over for promotion.  But I was told that management prefers a man for the communications job.

Now, I could upgrade my skills, get additional training or maybe further my education, but the one thing I can’t do is change my gender. So, when I handed over my resignation letter, I joked, “Since I’m not the man for the job, I’d better move on as there’s no way I can move up.”


Well, I always believe that when God closes a door, He opens a window somewhere.  So ended my seven years with this company, but another journey, another path beckons. And I am taking this fork in the path to another adventure.

Wish me well.


9 thoughts on “Some wonderful news

  1. ag says:

    Thanks so much, Cindy. Yeah, I’m really excited and nervous but am glad that I decided to move on. I’m reminded at today’s Sunday service to forgive and let go, so I have.

    It doesn’t matter anymore now because look what God gave me instead? A new challenge. And I’m going to Paris right on my first day for meetings and orientation. Double jitters for me!!

  2. CindyS says:

    1. I missed your return!!! I’m so glad that you are back!!

    2. I am so very happy for you on the job front. The good news – that the guy (I’m assuming it was a man) was stupid enough to say that ‘upper management’ wanted a man in the position. Maybe if he had said in time you might have stayed so I’m really glad that you had the right information!

    3. You’ll do great and the pre-job jitters are the worst, they’ll calm down after a week on the job.


  3. ag says:

    Whoa, Kristie, thanks for that strong defence. I figured that it was just an excuse.

    Sure, I may not have enough of experience in corporate affairs but he would’ve been more politically correct to state that rather than use gender as a reason not to promote me. Well, since someone else value me more, I’m walking away.

  4. ag says:

    Thanks for all the warm wishes and encouragement, everyone! I’m excited and nervous about beginning anew. But at the same time, can’t wait to start too!

  5. Oh sure – now I find out how to leave a comment – now that I already left one on the previous post – anyway – again CONGRATULATIONS on the new job.

  6. Good luck with your new job! I am in the same situation as you were. I’ve been with my company just under 7 years and it feels like it is coming to an end. Going to start looking for a new job in about February.

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