Hard Day’s Knight

After that intense Thornton binge, I wanted something light-hearted and humourous. So, I turned to Katie MacAllister and her Hard Day’s Knight for some comic relief, and she didn’t disappoint.

Hard Day’s Knight

Unemployed and unattached software engineer, Pepper Marsh, attends Renaissance Faire in Ontario with her cousin, who promised to find her a knight in shining armour … provided she joins in as a wench. Having had enough of the geeks in her dating pool, Pepper longs for a man who’s not afraid stare death in the face. But when she steps into the path of an oncoming steed, she is rescued by this gruff, grumpy but infuriatingly sexy Englishmen Englishman Walker McPhail.

Sparks flew, and Pepper finds herself drawn to the strong silent modern knight. But Walker, once the wild man of jousting and the undisputed champion of honour who has let a dreadful incident keep him out of the ring, is determined to guard himself against the storm of emotions that Pepper stirs in him. So of course Pepper has to rescue him from certain loneliness … helped along by an adorable matchmaking feline.

This delightfully saucy romance is tongue-in-cheek funny and so easy to read I finished it in one evening. I like the setting of the story in a fair complete with chain mail, jousts, caparisoned chargers, lances and all things medieval. It makes one wish one was there just to soak in the atmosphere, and lends a certain air of magic to the way Pepper and Walker find each other.

I like the offbeat, sometimes goofy and totally kind-hearted heroine she’s created. Pepper’s self-esteem needs a boosting while Walker needs someone to make him believe in himself again. Together, they complement each other’s weaknesses and help each other find the strengths that were always there. Strength to face their fears, and foil the plans of the villainess.

It is a story with a HEA ending that is guaranteed to put a smile in on your face. Speaking of which, I’d better get going with hunting down an eBook in print for this month’s TBR Challenge … or the smile is going to become tears of shame. It will be my first time up on Angie’s Wall of Shame if I don’t get one soon.

I was so happy when I bought Poison Study by Maria Snyder, cos I first saw it on an eBook site. But when I tracked it down to Luna Books, I discovered that although it first came out in eBook format in Oct 2005, the hardcover edition was also printed the same month. So, even if the paperback version was printed in Sep 06, I’m not sure if this qualifies anymore.

Oh well …


7 thoughts on “Hard Day’s Knight

  1. ag says:

    Hi Mailyn,
    Am taking Poison Study with me to Phuket. Fanlisting? Uh … I must visit when I’m back.

    Sam, Moth is such an intelligent creature.

  2. ag says:

    Oh hi devonna, I was going to look for The Corset Diaries next. Katie’s wacky good fun. Think you’ll enjoy the romantic comedy she writes.

  3. I have this on my wishlist ~ I’m so glad you liked it! I haven’t read a Katie MacAlister book yet, but have several that sound good. A friend of mine works at Barnes & Noble and she said The Corset Diaries was one of her favorites.

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