Cool happenings in the reading world

First up, the two dear Ja(y)nes over at DearAuthor are holding a Thanksgiving giveaway. (Demon Angel by Meljean Brook is much wanted!). All you’ll have to do is just comment anywhere on the site until Thanksgiving.

Okay, after you’ve put in your claim for a free book, hop over to Jaci’s where she’s posted this cool movie trailer for her latest book, Surviving Demon Island. Angie posted a list of 13 authors she’s given up on, so if you can think of any, pick up the thread.

Ooh, and I just discovered that DanceChica used to march in a band, and she played the clarinet too. As I did!!

Just in case you didn’t get your choice of books in the Thanksgiving giveaway, Samhain Publishing is giving readers a chance to win a November print title of your choice!!! So, get going with all those freebies if you wish to win any.