Only Sabrina Jeffries Will Do

Having had a suprisingly good experience with Sabrina Jeffries’ In the Prince’s Bed, I didn’t hesitate when I chanced upon Never Seduce a Scoundrel and Only a Duke Will Do at the used bookstore.

Only Sabrina Jeffries Will Do  Only Sabrina Jeffries Will Do

These two books are part of The School for Heiresses series, and they didn’t disappoint. Sabrina had me chortling, squirming and turning the pages as fast as I could, just so I could devour the whole story in one night. Of course, I stayed up to finish both, one after another.

They were that compelling, I’ll grant you. The double entendres and sexual innuendos, verbal sparring, matching of wits and sizzling seduction scenes were not the main draws. It was the cackling romantic tension Jeffries created between both pairs that had me glued to my sofa speed reading them, so I could find out what happened next and bring my racing heart back to normal.

Without giving the stories away, here are the synopses of both books:

Never Seduce a Scoundrel
Lady Amelia Plume has many admirers; too bad they’re all fortune hunters and fops who can’t provide the exotic adventures she seeks. The ballrooms of Mayfair have become more appealing since the arrival of Major Lucas Winter—an American marine with a dangerous past and a brooding air. Lucas is brash, arrogant…and scandalously tempting. Every thrilling kiss sparks deeper desire, yet Amelia suspects that Lucas has a hidden motive in wooing her and she means to discover it, by any means necessary …

Only A Duke Will Do
Louisa North likes her independence and her work with her ladies reform group very much, the latter despite her royal father’s protests. So when Simon Tremaine, the dashing Duke of Foxmoor whom she’d once loved—and had exiled from England-returns bent on marrying her, she’s skeptical. Does he truly care for her, or does he simply want revenge? It’s difficult for Louisa to resist Simon’s dangerous charms, because the fire between them still burns as hot as ever. But when his ulterior motive for marriage is exposed, along with the deeply buried secrets of his past, Louisa vows to make him pay…and the price will be his heart.

I like that Sabrina Jeffries has given her heroines backbones and intelligence, besides money that the fortune hunters desire. Lord knows they would need their wits about in order to suss out the wimps amongst the ton. Best of all, she matches them with heroes that, although stubborn to a fault, are progressive in their thinking beneath their alpha male facades. They certainly made such adorable though maddening scoundrels.

All in all, these are two very satisfying, and fun romps through Regency England. I particularly enjoyed the political byplay in Only a Duke Will Do. The author has centred the story around a crucial turning point in politics, and weaved a believable tale around the reform movement and the significant role it played in the country’s progress.


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  1. ag says:

    Oh, Jennie, I haven’t regretted since I picked up In the Prince’s Bed. Sabrina Jeffries writes such deliciously naughty stories.

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