Thrilling to Candice Hern

Ever since I read a synopsis of Candice Hern’s In The Thrill of the Night months back, I’ve promised myself that I’ll get the book and read it.

Thrilling to Candice Hern

Well, I finally got my hands on a copy and read it last week. Candice has done a great job with the plot development and characterization. Through young society widow, Marianne Nesbitt, and her search for a lover to recover that thrill she suspects was missing from her marriage to her late husband whom she loves very much, she’s revived the old debate of whether a truly platonic relationship could exist between a man and a woman.

It also made for lots of humour and fun, especially the parts where Marianne asks her good friend and notorious rake, Adam Cazenove, for advice on which of the gentlemen amongst the ton to take as her lover. Adam has always been half in love with Marianne, although he’s blindly refused to see it until it was too late, and since he is already committed to another pretty lass, he’s a little desperate to save Marianne from herself. Needless to say, the antics that Adam got into to sabotage and eliminate her potential list of lovers were downright comical. I had such great fun laughing at various points of the story.

It was an outrageously enjoyable book, and a refreshing departure from the usual Regency romance pairing off virginal heiresses with alpha male types. Well, Adam is alpha male to a certain extent, but he is such a hoot at foiling Marianne’s attempt to attract a lover, that I forgive him easily for being such a belligerent and possessive male. I’m looking forward to reading the adventures of the other Merry Widows already.


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  1. ag says:

    Kristie, you’re in great company. 😉

    Marg, Candice Hern is new to me too. So this story was quite a pleasant first book for me. Especially after the binge of virginal heroines I’ve had the week before I picked this up.

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