The Rogue Report

The moment I picked up The Rogue Report by Barbara Dawson Smith, I had a feeling this book would be an interesting read.

Just the plot angle alone – an impoverished Earl disguises himself as a Maths teacher to investigate the principal of a charity school, the supposedly disgraced Lady Julia and an unwed mum, whom he suspects is the author of gossip paper The Rogue Report – was enough to entice me to read on. Plenty of room for development, don’t you think?


Jack Mansfield is such an adorable rogue with hidden depths of kindness and a wicked sense of humour you can’t help but be charmed by him. Lady Julia, the heroine, is delightfully evasive of her feelings for him, and secretive about her past that unearthing it, with the hero, was a treat too. Even though it reeks too much of sentimentality and (slightly) silly sacrificial penance borne out of a misguided sense of guilt.

Apart from that, this book scores with strong characters, witty repartee, a pretty steamy seduction scene and a satisfying ending.  The pace of the story was just right, and the author did a fantastic job building up the romantic tension between the two leads to a real sizzle, which made this wickedly clever romance an irresistibly good read.

I’m always gratified to read a great book by newly discovered authors.  It invariably encourages me to read her other works. Ms Smith is no exception.  Although reluctant to return this to the book rental store, I’m already planning to hunt down some of her backlist, particularly The Duchess Diaries and Countess Confidential.


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  1. ag says:

    Oh, Kristie, I finally got a chance to go through all her books on her site, and some of the ones you mentioned sound intriguing, esp. Seduced by A Scoudrel, Too Wicked To Love and Never A Lady.

  2. OK – we are really going back here and only one of them sticks in my mind but here goes
    Dreamspinner – 1990
    Fire At Midnight – 1992 (this is the one I remember. I don’t know how it would hold up today and it was years ago that I read it, but I loved it at the time and read and reread it a few times)
    A Glimpse Of Heaven – 1995
    Never A Lady – 1996
    Her Secret Affair – 1998
    Too Wicked to Love – 1999
    With All My Heart – 1999
    Seduced By A Scoundrel – 1999
    Tempt Me Twice – 2001
    Looks like was when I stopped reading her. I think it was because I didn’t see any for a while and then when I did, I’d kind of forgotten her.

  3. ag says:

    sorry, Mailyn. It’s the javascript that’s been giving me grief, cos’ it makes the comment field disappear.

    Hi Colleen, I love Elizabeth Thornton! She’s one of the authors I track, and I’ve just finished The Bachelor Trap, her latest. I think I’ve read almost all her books published by Bantam. Someday, I should pick up her backlist under other publishers.

    Kristie, if you like reformed rakes, this rogue is definitely going to charmed the pants off you. Which were the Smith oldies you enjoyed? I’m planning to hunt down some of her backlist, well for next year. I’ve still got a bit on my TBR pile to finish.

    And I want to make an effort for DanceChica’s classics discussion next month.

  4. BDS is an author who fell off my radar for some reason. I’ve read and enjoyed some real oldies by her. I should give her another try! This one sounds good.

  5. OK, for the las couple of posts something odd happens to me. I can’t comment! And then I can, and then it happens again. LOL.

    Anyways, this sounds like a very good read. I haven’t read a good historical in a while and this looks promising!

  6. I love Barbara Dawson Smith. I haven’t had a chance to read any of her latest books (my TBR is threatening to overtake my office), but I always enjoyed the ones I read. She does write delicious heroes.

    If you like BDS, you might also like Elizabeth Thornton, another one I used to read religiously…now I just buy the books and add them to the pile. 🙂

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