WebWatch Night: Take a look at me now

It’s the night I go ‘site’ seeing again, and it seems quite a number of book bloggers have been getting sleek new looks, myself included.

The one who caught my eye, I mean, really stop and take another look is Kristie’s blog.

WebWatch Night: Take a look at me now

Lucky Kristie has Mailyn giving her a make-over, and wow, she’s a gorgeous Lady in Red now. I love the showgirl(?) in the banner putting on her mascara, and Kristie wrote a funny post on how the lady got a skirt.

WebWatch Night: Take a look at me now

I must applaud Keishon for adopting the Pink October theme in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month. She shared that she “will be sporting this theme for the rest of the month and then revert back to my old theme. Or I may tweak this one and keep it.” The theme she’s chosen is a refreshingly minimalist lay-out in pink and grey that is easy to read and pleasant on the eyes. Bravo, Keishon for doing this for a worthy cause.


Bev has also opted for a minimalist look and I must say, with all the images on her sidebar, this new look makes the images stand out even more, and the site is so neat and clean.

WebWatch Night: Take a look at me now

Cindy went for a different look altogether that looks really cute, in a comical sense. She’s always funny so it sort of fits. I especially like the little bird? (owl?) mascot that heads each post.

WebWatch Night: Take a look at me now

Oh, and if you haven’t stopped by Meljean’s for a while, she’s got a sleek new look too! I love the seductive use of maroon on blue and brown. It just sets the mood for lounging. All I need is some music from café del mar, and I’m ready to chat. And what a happy coincidence that her new website and latest book cover model on Demon moon wears matching colours!

As for me, I narrowed my choices down to these four after a few weeks of searching:

WebWatch Night: Take a look at me now

Summer Jam

WebWatch Night: Take a look at me now

Pink Lady

I had wanted a three-column lay-out

WebWatch Night: Take a look at me now

but in the end settled for this

WebWatch Night: Take a look at me now

as I was so charmed by the baby blue background and snow flake-like motifs. Now, let’s see if I can turn pink just for this month ….


10 thoughts on “WebWatch Night: Take a look at me now

  1. Cindys says:

    I made it, I finally made it!! Yeah, I like the clownish Pigeons (at least that’s what I think they are) because they make me smile 😉


  2. Why thank you! And didn’t our Mailyn just do a wonderfully masterful job? And she even added Library Thing for me! I sometimes reload, just to see what books come up next *g*.

  3. Oh, wow! Thank you! I really did want something a little darker than I had before, but comfortable…I’m glad it worked.

    I love Mailyn’s stuff, too. The Twisted Kingdom? I go sometimes just to look at the pretty design.

  4. ag says:

    Mailyn, can yu tell I’m a fan of your work? 😉 I also like your new anime blog design too! Blue’s my fave colour as well.

  5. Oh thanks again! I feel all warm and fuzzy that you like my designs! 🙂

    Oh and I love your new one!!!!!! Blue is my favorite color! Between you and Keish [also a new blue layout] you are making me want to get a new blue lalayout as well. LOL.

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