Encountering The Pirate Lord

I could barely tear myself from the pages of Barbara Dawson Smith’s The Rogue Report to review Sabrina Jeffries’ The Pirate Lord, so this will be real short and sweet.


To be honest, I was nearly put off by the cover, so typical of those tacky ones of yore. Another point that didn’t work in its favour, the model on the cover has no chest hair!!! Then again, neither does Orlando and Johnny, so that became immaterial.

The book has a basis in history although both main characters are the author’s creations.  I found the angle rather refreshing.  Having a bunch of retiring pirates capture a shipload of convict women bound for New South Wales to marry and settle down has the makings of high sea adventure, comedy and lots of romantic tension.  And I wasn’t disappointed.

What worked for me was the sparkling wit and humour the heroine, Sara, has been endowed wit.  She’s intelligent but conflicted in her views, so had to undergo quite a bit of struggle to understand her attraction to the Pirate Lord, Gideon, and overcome her reluctance to see the goodness in him. But once she did, her heart’s all his, and she set out to help him rebuild a new home in this idyllic island, Atlantis.

The hero, while an alpha male, shows his sensitive side from time to time, and it was quite touching the way Gideon came to need Sara to complete his life and vision of a new beginning.  Which was why I was rather dismayed that in the end, he turned out to be a lost lordling stolen from wealthy peers of the realm when he was young.  I kind of wish he was just an abused boy who’s overcome insurmountable odds to make his own way in the world and found his soul and redemption in Sara. I didn’t need him to be a misplaced scion of society to be won over whole heartedly, although finding his family, especially his mother, did somewhat ease his tormented soul a little.

Still, it was a highly entertaining read.


6 thoughts on “Encountering The Pirate Lord

  1. ag says:

    Thanks, Mailyn! I wa just itching for a change. It’s been six months since I moved on to wordpress, after all.

    Yeah, Kristen, Suisan, it is a good book … it’s Sabrina Jeffries after all. Despite the ending.

    You’ve to give the Rogue Report a try sometime. I just sat up till 2am to finish it last night, and it was worth it.

    Marg, hope you like this book.

  2. I liked this one too.

    ANd the ending? Yeah. Well, a bit dumb, but the title IS the Pirate Lord, not The Pirate Who Begins Life On the Wrong Side of the Tracks But Works On Up The Social Ladder.

    Although I’d read that one too.

    Funny, I tried reading Roague Report this summer–it was a Did Not Finish. But I remember liking it. Got Distracted somewhere along the way, I guess. (Oo! Shiny Thing!)

  3. This is a rather good pirate book isn’t it? And I so agree with you on the cover! And yea – I wish the author didn’t have to go and dilute the ending like that too.

  4. Mailyn says:

    I just have to say that I LOVE the new look!!!! Blue is my favorite color. It’s just beautiful! (^_^)

    Oh and this book sounds real good!!!

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