Webwatch Wednesday: Authors’ Sites

Over the last few weeks, I’ve put mostly reader blogs in the spotlight. This week, I thought I’d bring to light some of the gorgeous author websites or blogs that I’ve come across.

Much earlier, in July, Mailyn applauded the following authors for their beautifully designed sites:

Loretta Chase

JR Ward

Rachel Gibson

Karen Moning

Lisa Kleypas

Julia Quinn

Gaelen Foley

Laura Kinsale

Jenny Crusie

Eloisa James

So, I’ve decided to hunt down some more to add to her list, which includes quite a few of my favourites. Here goes, in no order of preference:

J K Rowling

Webwatch Wednesday: Authors' Sites

I’m a sucker for flash-enhanced site. So naturally Rowling’s site made my day. There’s so much to browse around, and trust her to go so high tech on her site!  This is one of the very rare few author’s site which is designed in flash, can you blame me for loving it?

Annette Blair

Webwatch Wednesday: Authors' Sites

One of the reasons why this site caught my eyes is the charming picture of witch-hood it presents to a reader who’s all too ready to swallow any magical tale.  So long as there are spells and adventures aplenty. The navigation is a little trying with all that endless scrolling, but the spidey webs, and twitchy letters along the way makes the journey downwards bearable.

Colleen Gleason

Webwatch Wednesday: Authors' Sites

Ms Gleason’s site is the very epitome of elegance.  The classical font type, the smart use of black and chocolate and the imagery of stake and the good book clues the reader in on the kind of stories she writes. I’d say this is clever branding.  Jaxadora is the genius behind this site’s design, as well as some others I admire such as Jax Crane, Kristen Painter (I dig that manga-like character) and Laine Morgan.

Alyssa Brooks

Webwatch Wednesday: Authors' Sites

I’ve never read any of her books, but this website is so suggestive with its use of an image that teases the imagination and whimsical fonts that play at being coy. I’m utterly seduced by just the image and font type.  Brooks is part of the community of Berkley Babes who blog over at Between the Covers.

Edith Layton

Webwatch Wednesday: Authors' Sites

Very nice and feminine design. Simple yet classy, however scrolls down and down … think that’s a common flaw, but easily forgiven.


5 thoughts on “Webwatch Wednesday: Authors’ Sites

  1. ag says:

    Oops! I’ve been found out it seems. DaVinci? Hmmm … I’ve been playing around quite a bit before settling on this one to tinkle with.

    Cindy, glad you like the blue. I found this sky blue soothing too.

  2. Ooohhh someone has been playing. I loved the one yesterday and this one is really cool too!! Lots of us seem to doing the different blog look thing aren’t we!

  3. CindyS says:

    I got here and just started reading and then thought, man I love this blue, why haven’t I noticed this blue before? Because it’s a new template!! I love it! Blue and white – that’s what I’m trying to do in our spare bedroom!


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