Meeting Lord Perfect

I’ve heard so much of Loretta Chase since late last year when her Mr Impossible was voted 2005 Best Romance and Best European Historical (plus a few others) by AAR readers, so when I encountered Lord Perfect at the used book store, I couldn’t resist picking it up.


I wasn’t disappointed, although I realized I should have read Mr Impossible first, as that book recounts Rupert Carsington’s adventures in Egypt. Notwithstanding that I read them in the wrong order, Lord Perfect is the ideal introduction for me to the world of Loretta Chase.

Here’s the synopsis:

Tall, dark, and handsome, the heir to the Earl of Hargate, Benedict Carsington, is known for his impeccable manners and good breeding. Benedict knows all the rules and has no trouble following them—until Bathsheba Wingate enters his life. Now, the two must embark on a rescue mission that puts them in dangerous, intimate proximity. Fortunately, Benedict is in perfect control—despite his mad desire to break all the rules. Perfect control. Really.

This book had two kids bringing together an unlikely pair (because of the vast difference in their station and respectability) of lovers. I loved the plot twists and comical situations the author threw in Bathsheba and Benedict’s path while they were frantically tracking down the pair of runaways in search of pirate treasure allegedly left by a DeLucey ancestor.

Some romance readers may not like kids playing a substantial role in romance novels, but being a parent of two spirited kids, I was hugely entertained by the antics of Olivia, Bathsheba’s wily daughter, and Peregrine, Benedict’s precocious nephew whom he dotes upon. Of course they fell in love along the way, and Bathsheba not wanting to taint his Lordship’s perfect records, and have him ocstracised by Society,was prepared to leave the country and give up her second true love.

But, she didn’t count on the devious, and very funny, conspiracy between both Benedict’s father and her uncle to match both main characters and fulfill her wildest dreams. There was the steamy seduction in the middle of the book for the romance lover, and the endearing and hilarious manipulation of both their families made for an evening of highly enjoyable reading.

Reading this only spurred my eagerness to lay my hands on Mr Impossible. This is definitely one author that I’ll be tracking from now on. So, if you need a laugh and some sizzle to brighten up a dreary weekend, give this book a try.


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  1. emdee says:

    Mr Impossible is an extremely enjoyable book, IMO better than Lord Perfect, which I truly enjoyed. Have you read Lord of Scoundrels? IMO it is Chase’s best, thoroughly delightful.

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