Traipsing down memory lane

It’s been another horrendously busy week. For comfort, I re-read Lisa Kleypas’ Somewhere I’ll Find You while attempting to finish Loretta Chase’s Lord Perfect (I did, and it was wonderful but more of that in another post) and Austen’s Northanger Abbey which I’ve neglected for a while.

Traipsing down memory lane                     perfect

I also finished re-reading Rowling’s Goblet of Fire, discovering new clues and details which I’ve previously missed. It’s amazing how you re-discover the magic and unearth new aspects of a well-loved story when you read it again.

Take the Kleypas work for instance. I find myself getting the shivers reading that sensual scene at the pump room in Bath when Damon chased down Julia, and getting goosebumps at the author’s description of the hero’s desperate and raw emotions upon learning of the heroine’s plans to marry another. The fierce protectiveness and primal urge to mark his territory also brought smiles of amusement to an otherwise dreary week of meetings, presentations and projects.

It makes me wonder what I would do without my books to chase those blues away. I could easily escape my worries with just a flip of the page. And with Fantasy as this month’s TBR theme, October looks to be another delightful reading month.


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  1. Glad that you at least had some good books to read! I’ve been too busy preparing for my trip to Vegas to even pick up a book. Ugh. LOL.

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