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Well, it’s Wednesday and there I was surfing and looking for some eye-catching blogs and sites and these caught my eyes:


WebWatch Picks

What caught my eye was the drool worthy banner featuring the rather dishy-looking Stanislav Ianevski (who played Victor Krum in the latest Harry Potter movie, The Goblet of Fire) and the fact that the blog skin can be switched. The author’s definitely another anime/ manga lover and you can tell from the manga characters populating her blog index. The other skins which caught my eye were:

Leon (Default skin)              Kairi         Negri ramen

WebWatch PicksWebWatch PicksWebWatch Picks

Dylan’s Coffee House Banter

WebWatch Picks

I would never have imagined that brown could look so sexy until I saw Dylan’s blog. I mean, brown is usually a drab colour, very ordinary and uninspiring. But that picture of the lady in the top right (yep, the one with nothing but a leather jacket and undie on) is seductive and blends in perfectly with the earthy background, giving it a sensual overtone. I also found her sidebar really fascinating. She categorizes the blogs she visits, features a hottie each week (be sure to check out her eye candy posts every Friday), random quotes and houses her archive uner last season – very TV-themed so you know she’s a TV buff.

Flower power:  I also happen to notice these few flower themed blogs which were quite nice and neat without being overwhelming.

Renee Reads Romance

WebWatch Picks

I love the floral theme of Renee’s blog design. It’s feminine without being overpoweringly so. However, Renee is thinking of changing cos “A person can only stand a pink background for so long. I’d really like one with three columns so must start looking around for a new one.”

Well, all the best in your search, Renee. I thought this was quite elegant.

Marg’s Reading Adventures

WebWatch Picks

Marg used a very simple yet pretty blog template by Caz, which looks quite soothing on the eyes. Think it’s the cool purple and lavender hues that makes you relax. That and the neat boxes on the sidebar compartmentalizing the previous entries, archive and links.


5 thoughts on “WebWatch Picks

  1. ag says:

    hi Tec,

    I really dig your theme switcher, and the different ones you came up with. So it wasn’t that difficult to plug your designs. 😉

  2. Wow! I was checking for my referrers and then I saw you’re site. Thanks a lot for plugging and picking my site!!! ^___^ I’m really gratefull! *glomps* Plus, the three skins you choose are my three favorites too.

  3. ag says:

    Marg, hello. Yeah, love the sexy lady on Dylan’s blog. Yours is so neat.

    Yes, Mailyn. I imagine you would because of all the anime/ manga reference. I like the fact that you can switch the skin with your mood. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that there’s Stanis to drool over.

  4. Dylan’s new skin is very sexy isn’t it, and I really like Renee’s as well!! Thanks for featuring my little blog here as well!!

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