Crashing The Wedding

Crashing The Wedding

I was quite excited to read On The Way to The Wedding by Julia Quinn as this book ends the Bridgerton series.

The synopsis reads like a romantic comedy with mix-ups a la Austen’s Emma and a potentially fun finale to the series which I’ve been following. The story began with a little cliffhanger. Gregory, the last single bloke in the family, rushed to the church to ask his one true love to marry him, but the prologue ended there, without an answer from the lady he proposed to. So, curiosity piqued, I simply had to read on. The other reason why I hastened this up my TBR pile was Romancelover’s rather intense reaction to it.

Anyway, here’s what worked and what didn’t for me:

The introduction of the hero and heroine was quite well done, even the way JQ had Lucinda clueing Gregory in on courting Hermoine Watson (hmm … wondering if JQ is a fan of Harry Potter ‘cos Emma Watson plays Hermoine in the movie) was ingenious and could only mean room for comedy. Sort of reminds me of Emma Woodhouse trying to orchestrate a romance between her good friend Harriet Smith and Mr Elton.

I also thought having Gregory erroneously believe he’s found true love at first sight was a brilliant plot point cos it certainly paved the way for the angst and doubts that ensued. I mean, poor guy, he’s seen all his family members finding their true love in life, that he must be under pressure to not settle for less. Well, imagine his disappointment and the struggle he went through when he discovered that he was mistaken.

I was sticking up and rooting for Lucy right from the beginning and growing to like the witty, honourable and down-to-earth heroine until the author thwarted the HEA with a reason that lacks conviction. I’m stumped that Lucy didn’t go to her brother to sort it out. She’s supposed to be intelligent, so why didn’t she ask for the damned evidence? Her naive and passive acceptance that she has to martyr herself at the altar irked me to no end. I usually like the epilogues, but I found the one for this a bit superfluous. And I’m not the only one, it seems.

Overall, this book was just so-so. It wasn’t the best of the series for me. My favourites are Romancing Mr Bridgerton, To Sir Philip with Love and The Duke and I. For other reader reviews of this book, visit Isabel, Holly and Dylan, Lady Jane and Brianna too.


2 thoughts on “Crashing The Wedding

  1. ag says:

    Kristie, I’m just gald the series ended. Now, I’m just waiting for a new non-series from JQ.

    This one sure gives the Knight Miscellany by Gaelen Foley a good fight for the longest running, no?

  2. Alas – I didn’t come close to reading this one. She way passed my four to a series kind of rule. I used to lover her books but then there just got to be way too many Bridgerton’s. If she ever comes out with a new-non Bridgerton, then I might pick her back up again.

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