Lori Foster for September’s TBR Challenge

Lori Foster for September’s TBR Challenge

Title: Beguiled/ Uncovered
Author: Lori Foster
Year published: 2004

Why did you get this book?
I’ve never read a Lori Foster book before, so while hunting for a Category Romance book to read for this month’s TBR Challenge, I stumbled across this book and decided to try it.

Do you like the cover?
Cover art is quite tastefully done.  I’ve nothing negative to say about it. I couldn’t find the book cover online, but I found this Fallen Angels anthology containing both stories plus one other story with the cover of the book I borrowed.  This must be an older version.  I would have loved to read Celia’s adventure. Will try to snap a picture … later.

Did you enjoy the book?
This book actually consists of the main story Beguiled, and a novella, Uncovered, where the main characters in the first played secondary roles. I enjoyed this book far more than I did my first Sandra Brown. The pace is fast, the character development pretty straight forward, and the action hot and sexy, but I found the plot in the novella, Uncovered, more imaginative.

In Beguiled, private investigator Dane has to impersonate his murdered twin to flush out the killer. Only thing is he couldn’t help the heady attraction he feels towards his brother’s ex, Angel Morris, who’s also his prime suspect. There’s family feud, corporate espionage involved although I’d already guessed the villain by chapter four. But it was still interesting how he was eventually flushed out, and, surprisingly who did it.

Uncovered had firefighter Harris going to the P.Is (Dane and Alec) to help him track down a secret admirer whose only clue was a pile of nude faceless photos. Only he didn’t know that he’d already met her … long ago. This one was right funny and had me laughing in parts. Of course, Lori heats things up quite a bit in some scenes.

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again?
Yep, new to me, and I’m likely to explore her other books.

Are you keeping it or passing it on?
Unfortunately, this will have to be returned to the second-hand bookstore where I rented it from.

Anything else?
I’ve known of Lori in the blogging community from some of the comments she left on a few of the ladies’ posts, and actually have been more than a little curious about her books. Stumbling across this while I was trying to track down Anne Stuart’s backlist was sheer serendipity. The timing couldn’t have been better, her book saved my TBR challenge for this month. I also went though Lori’s backlist, and wow! She is prolific.


8 thoughts on “Lori Foster for September’s TBR Challenge

  1. I read one or two of hers awhile ago, I think it was the ones about the brothers … I think I liked them well enough, but for some reason she’s not one I seek out??

  2. ag says:

    Usually, contemp romances are either hit or miss with me. Guess it’s harder for me to suspend belief when you have a real world to compare to.

    The bad boys anthology she did with Donna Kauffman seems to be a winner. may check that out …

    Cindy, would love to hear how your find Murphy’s Law. There’s potential.

  3. I’ve tried a couple of hers and they just don’t seem to work for me. I don’t have a particular reason why. I might try another one sometime – but it would be far into the future right now.

  4. CindyS says:

    Lori Foster’s books can be hit or miss with me. That said, I did just pick up Murphy’s Law at the drugstore the other day – I had one book and had to buy another! 😉 So far my favourite it Unexpected but don’t be fooled by the cover – this is not a baby book in the least. It has a heroine who is truly kick ass and I loved it.

    Some of her heroines come off as too ‘doe eyed’ like – I mean one of her books had a former prostitute but she seemed to have some serious ‘innocent’ vibes that didn’t play right.

    Ooops, there I go again!


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