Sleek Black Looks

It’s WebWatching Wednesday again and I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been getting quite a number of black looks from fellow bloggers.

I’m speaking of the background of course. I usually prefer a white background for websites, cos it makes the lines and images cleaner and easier to read.  However, once in a while I’ll come across great web designs done in black, and they’re usually very artistically laid-out. Here are a few that I came across during the last two weeks:
Thrifty Reader Ames

Sleek Black Looks

Ames sports a new look for her blog, and I quite like the arresting header image of what looks like a gypsy lady. She’s bathed in this red glow, and the black background plays this up very nicely.

Valeen’s Turn Another Page

Sleek Black Looks

I have Ames to thank for leading me on to Valeen.  My attention was immediately captured by that very romantic image of a couple almost kissing, and the lush imagery of a rose, and pearls. Very classy, and sleek. I also like how Valeen includes a monthly post on classics, and some great hero quotes.  Good conversation starters actually … wish I’d thought of that.

Sasha White

Sleek Black Looks

Okay, I’ve never been into erotica in a big way, but Sasha’s website, all done up in sleek black and white sure makes her books look hot! I actually got quite a kick out of seeing the links light up when I mouse over them.

Nalini’s Blog

Sleek Black Looks

Wow! Even Nalini has gone and done up her blog in black, and I think the background makes the images of the forest and the city skyline look gorgeous.


6 thoughts on “Sleek Black Looks

  1. ag says:

    Mailyn, you’re absolutely right. Ahh … i notice that you’ve given Ames other blog a dark new look as well.

    That makes you doubly cool, Ames.

    Yes, Nalini, pls do. I also like that the text is easy on the eyes.

  2. Those are great! I love a good black bg as well. Some people do go over the top with the red letters and the crappy graphics but it’s awesome when it’s used wisely.

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