Something old, something new

Just finished Kleypas’ Scandal in Spring, but will save that for the next post. Yep, Amazon delivered the books a week earlier than expected, so now I have, let’s see now … 

The Bachelor Trap
by Elizabeth Thornton

On the Way to the Wedding
by Julia Quinn;

Killing Time by Linda Howard; and 

Gaelen Foley’s His Wicked Kiss 

Dropped by a second-hand bookstore to try my luck at ferreting out some from Anne Stuart’s backlist, but instead came home with … 

La Vyrle Spencer’s Years and Morning Glory (yippee!); 

Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase; and some simply delicious oldies and newbies .. 

Sabrina Jeffries’ The Pirate Lord, Only A Duke Will Do and Never Seduce A Scoundrel

The Rogue Report by Barbara Dawson Smith; 

Alas My Love by Edith Layton 

In the Thrill of the Night by Candice Hern; and 

Lori Foster’s Beguiled – my category romance read for September’s TBR Challenge


to while away many happy hours. Bliss! 



9 thoughts on “Something old, something new

  1. ag says:

    Sybil, you know what? I was thinking of you when I picked up those SB books and wondering if you’ve read them.

    Ames, nice new look you’ve got. Will pop by when you’ve reviewed bachelor trap.

  2. ag says:

    Yeah,the only thing I couldn’t find was Anne Stuart’s backlist. Still, I love used book stores for all the oldies but goodies they stock.

    Now, away I must, to finish reading all that pile.

  3. I have Klepas’s Secrets of a Summer Night requested at the library! Looking forward to reading it as eveyone seems to be reading this series right now and I’m feeling left out!

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