20 Irritating Things

Dev tagged me, so these are the things/ kinds of people or situations that are guaranteed to get my dander up:

1.Persistent tele-marketing overachievers who ignore me when I said I don’t want and am NOT interested in a new credit card, insurance plan or whatever they have to sell. Hear me now: HANG UP.

2. Poor relationship management by tele-marketing company. This is related to no. 1. When I ask you to remove my contact details from your company database, it really means I want you to STOP CALLING ME EVER. Which part of STOP CALLING do you not understand?

3. Bullies at work and in school: just because someone is smaller, younger, more junior than you does not mean you can chuck all your sh**load of work on her. It irritates me when I see juniors at work being victimised like this.

4. Child abuse: don’t even think of procreation if you’re not prepared to love your kid. My heart breaks whenever I hear of another such blood-boiling case in the papers or on the web.

5. Teen sex purveyors and pimps: all ye perverted dirty old men should be locked up after severe flogging and castration for preying on teen girls in developing countries. And shame on those governments who turn a blind eye on child sex tourism in their own backyard.

6. Advertisers who think we viewers are morons.

7. Racist bigots who think they’re more superior than someone because they’re not dark skinned.

8. Men who think their sexist remarks make them smart and cute.

9. People who enjoy putting others down just because they’re insecure.

10. Employers who discriminate against pregnant workers, and write them off when they go on extended maternity leave.

11. Writers who do not know the difference between ‘it’s’ and ‘its’, ‘then’ and ‘than’ and ‘stationary’ and ‘stationery’.

12.People who persists in using ‘irregardless’ even when they’ve been told the word doesn’t exist.

13. Overly long emails with gazillion indented paragraphs inherited from the previous sender.

14. Customer service snobs who follows me around because they think I don’t look like I can afford what’s on the rack.

15. Prima donnas.

16. Being forced into a compromising situation.

17. Unnecessary and excessive use of Big-Mis in romance novels. Give us readers some credit please.

18. Doormat, whiny spineless heroines, and wimpy, colourless heroes.

19. Unbelievably stupid characters in romance land and real world.

20. Pushiness. That’s the surest thing to make me rebel.

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9 thoughts on “20 Irritating Things

  1. ag says:

    You didn’t Dev (gasp!) LOL hope you enjoyed the sling and shelling. hahaha

    Amarjaa, yeah it does. Therapeutic isn’t it?

  2. I agree with all of those, but especially #18 and #19. And #8 and #9! Okay, I’m done now. 😉 Doesn’t it feel liberating, though, to get all those frustrations out in the open?

  3. AG ~ That was the highlighted event when I went there. We HAD to go to Raffles and have a Singapore Sling and throw peanut shells on the floor.

  4. ag says:

    oh, dev, I hear that word from local people all the time and it drives me crazy!!! and yes, it is considered the thing to do — shelling the floor of the Long Bar at the Raffles with peanut shells.

    Cindy, oh no, don’t get a complex, I’m learning to turn a blind eye on those language peeves, I swear. And getting better at it. LOL. One of my fave activity is pruning long emails. hahaha … now you know what an anal retentive I morph into at work.

    Yes, I would so love to go shopping with you just so I can see the sales staff back away! Kekeke.

  5. CindyS says:

    #1 Check!
    #4 & #5 There are no excuses. Ever.
    yes to everything else!

    Uh, #11 I’ve never known there were two words stationary and stationery but now I’m betting one means not to move and then other is the paper you write on. Ooops. Definitely one of those people.

    #13 Hallelujah!! Praise the Lord!! I hate this! Wait, those words shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

    #14 I’m horrible for going into fancy stores looking at a price tag and saying (in my loud way which I guess is embarassing) ’60 bucks for a turtle neck? Did they use gold thread?’ That usually gets the sales clerks in a tizzy. I’m obnoxious though. Hey, wanna go shopping with me sometime?

    Oops, on topic but one of my brain train wrecks. Bob once tried to get me quietly out of a store when I was in their furniture clearance section. Literally and I do mean literally they listed the original price say 999.00 and then had this huge clearance sticker on it reading 989.00 . I was so loud people from the mall started coming in to see what I was laughing about. ‘Hey Bob!!! You gotta see these deals!! We can save a whole 10 bucks on a sofa!’ Now, if we are anywhere near the store Bob asks if we should go in and mock their sales. I’m always up for a good mocking 😉

    #20 Pushiness – I blogged about those pusher stagers and how there is really only one top bitch in my world.

    Now, what I really need is a grammar and spell check for my comments because I’m getting a complex 😉


  6. Good answers! I haven’t heard the non-word “irregardless” in years! I’d almost forgotten about it.

    OT ~ Do people still go to Raffles so they can throw peanut shells on the floor?

  7. Mailyn says:

    I so agree with all of those! I hate people who they are better than others for any reason. Ugh. It makes me crazy.

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