Of Pirates and Spices

Of Pirates and Spices

Sometime back, I highlighted a few summer movies that I was eagerly anticipating. While I ended up skipping Superman Returns and X-Men 3 on reviews by friends, I managed to catch these two:

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Of Pirates and Spices
Saw this on the big screen end of July, the weekend right after my daughter’s term test. The kids loved it, especially the fighting within and on the wheel – great piece of stunt work there – and the fun and adventure, as always.

For me, it was nostalgia all over — we’d watched the first movie a week prior, just to get in the mood – watching the three leads go on one wildgoose chase after another.I was quite dismayed at the hint of a shift in Elizabeth’s affections … yes, I agree with Suisan that there’s something there … and the ending was a dead giveaway as to the main objective of their next adventure, which I hope comes around soon.

Still, it was a pretty good follow-up to their maiden voyage, Captain jack Sparrow is still funny as ever, the chemistry amongst the trio is still just as great although there weren’t enough of those scenes, and the cliffhanger at the end left me hungering for the 3rd instalment.

BTW, Suisan got into a discussion with some ladies over the possible triangle, and if you want more posts on pirate romances and other paraphernalia, then be sure to visit Suisan (who’s still obsessing over where the compass is pointing), Kristie, Bev, Sybil, jmc, C2, Beth (who fantasizes about being a pirate, but thought the movie sucked) and even Stephanie at The Midnight Hour. C2 is a fellow Orlando fan … doesn’t he look dashing in that pirate getup? I mean, I like adorable scoundrel Johnny too, but Orlando’s a nice contrast, all honour bound and sacrificial.

Mistress of Spices

Of Pirates and Spices

Saw this on video last week. I was looking forward to it (synopsis here) and was a little crestfallen at the tepid chemistry between the two leads. It wasn’t engaging like in the Bride & Prejudice. And in case you were expecting some song-and-dance fantasy MTV moments, there aren’t any.

This film is totally made-for-Hollywood. It was still a good effort by Ash, although Dylan McDermott seems to be reprising his Bobby role from The Practice. Don’t think I’ll be keeping the video. I’ve seen really great ones in this movie genre (think Bend it Like Beckam and Monsoon Weddings) and this cross cultural romance still leaves a little bit more to be desired.

A friend from work thought Ash looked slutty in the red outfit (image above) she wore for her dinner date with Dylan’s character, Doug, towards at the end of the movie. I thought it looked quite sexy on her, on second look. The cinematography is gorgeous though. The colours and all the little snippets about Tilo (Ash’s character) and her customers were great too, despite the lukewarm treatment of the relationship.

That said, there were some tender moments in the show which were well handled, like the one in Doug’s apartment (below), and who could forget the beautiful image of the couple lying on a bed of chillies when the credits rolled.

Of Pirates and Spices  Of Pirates and Spices


11 thoughts on “Of Pirates and Spices

  1. ag says:

    yeah, if I may say so myself, Zeek! Glad you like it too. Now if onlly the next one hits the big screen this Christmas …

  2. JUST saw POTC2 this weekend. I have to say I think I liked this one better than the first! Even WITH the icky Flying Dutchman priates.

    Fun movie!

  3. ag says:

    ooh … Captain Blood, ay?

    Speaking of blood, Kristie, Jack’s blood is needed becoz he stole the Cortez gold with Bootstrap (Will’s father). Balboosa wouldn’t have succeeded with just Will’s blood, I think.

  4. The Sea Hawk stars Errol Flynn, which I saw the other night.

    And then there’s, oh gasping gulp, Captain Blood.

    Gah. Fainting over here….

    Oh, and BTW, if you adore Pirates of the Caribbean, you need to watch Captain Blood. There’s all sorts of references to it in POTC.

    Tortuga, Port Royale, certain stances up on the rigging, etc.

  5. I’m going to post this at Suisan’s too. I watched POTC last night and I think I’m going to go to my first movie alone and see the next one tonight. There was a scene in the one last night that has me curious as all get out and always has. At the end of the movie, Jack cuts himself and throws the coin to Will who then drops it into the chest with all the other coins. Now why is it that it’s Jack’s blood that ends the curse and not Will’s? Always wondered about that and now I’m more curious than ever!

    And Errol Flyn is in a couple of pirate movies (or at least one) Captain Blood, based on books by Rafael Sabatini. Suisan will probably know if there is more than the one he was in.

  6. ag says:

    p.s. suisan, which Errol Flynn was that? He’s famous for his Robin Hood role. For a moment, I thought Pirates of Penzance, then I look him up and he’s not in that pirate film.

    Cindy, hope you enjoye Spices — I love it when the narrator speaks of the healing properties of the spice Ash holds up. It’s still a pretty good social commentary on Indian immigrants in the Fog City.

  7. ag says:

    Suisan, Will is so noble and upright that he appears less fun next to jack, which may explain why Elizabeth is tempted. Am going with your specualtion that jack will nobly bow out in the next one so there’s a HEA (hope the screenwriters get this.)

    yeha, I love the leather jacket and the loose tunic, and the moustache (reminds me of one of the three musketeers …)

    Kristie, I know you’re right deep down in my heart. It’s just the hint of a possibility that disturbed me.

    oh, cindy, they haven’t posted the debut date of PoTC3

  8. CindyS says:

    Ohh, now I want to see Mistress of Spices. I rented the movie Edison Force (don’t waste your time) and Dylan McDermott was the only one who decided to show up and act. He was a crazy egomaniacal coke snorting bad guy and he was marvelous. The rest of the movie was trash. Yuck.

    I’m going to wait until Pirates III comes out before I see Pirates II because I’m not good on waiting. My brother said P3 was going to come out before Christmas but he gets many things wrong. Hmmm, I should go check.


  9. I insist that Will is the love of her life too. So why is she tempted by Jack?

    That is the very essence of the problem. Because Jack is so damn fun. And tricky. And Piratical. How can ELizabeth, the pirate wannabe, end up with oath-declaiming, sober, Oops-I’ve-been-tricked-again Will?

    I think Jack is going to nobly make himself unavailable for Elizabeth so that she HAS to end up with Will.

    But in the meantime, I have to watch as many Pirate movies as I can and just, sigh, wait for the third Pirates of the Caribbean coming to theatres, sob, next year.

  10. Now see – I’m on the other side. I insist that Will is the love of her life. But just to be fair, I’m going to watch them both over again.

  11. Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! La-la-la la la la.

    I think I need to go on record as saying that I like Orlando Bloom–I seem to have been belittling him somewhat. I think he’s dishy.

    I’m just not happy with the way the SCREENWRITERS have set up his “arc.” He’s Sooooo noble and moral. Jack always ends UP acting in a noble manner, but he hides it well enough that you’re sure he’s a dastardly, lying, tricky, self-serving pirate. Unfortunately, Will stands there on deck and declaims his oaths and vows. I feel as if that is damaging to his piraticalness (?), and I wish the screenwriters didn’t do that.

    But, yes, as a pirate? Very nice. (Did you happen to notice that Will’s long-sleeved tunic-jacket is made of Leather? Yummy, but I imagine quite heavy as well.)

    I really have to stop obsessing on Pirates. (Course I watched an Errol Flynn movie last night, which certainly didn’t help. Eh?)

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