More Eye-catchers

It’s WebWatchWednesday again, and to make up for the last two weeks of non-activity, I’m going to unearth more reader blogs that you should surf over to.  So without further ado, here they are in no order of merit:

More Eye-catchers

I’ve long admired Meljean’s blog layout since I stumbled upon it last year. The banner shows a classy lady waiting ready to chat and listen … it makes the whole blog very inviting to look at.  The dark background actually helps create the mood of a late night talk-show, with the city skyline behind forming a very striking backdrop. Just add some smooth jazz music, and boy you’re ready to chat the night away.  She has peppered the white background with nice snowflake motifs, which I adore!!

Jennie’s B(ook)log
 More Eye-catchers

I followed Jennie to her blog when she left a comment to one of my posts. What caught my eye immediately was the simple, clean lay-out and the little icons, which if you scroll down, clues you in on her opinions of the books she read.  She’s made imaginative use of the icons to tell fellow readers if the book is good for ‘a cozy read on a rainy afternoon’ or has ‘some, how shall we say… boinking?’ or if it’s going to  ‘challenge the IQ a bit’.  I like her original method of rating a book.

Daily Musings of a chica who loves to Dance

More Eye-catchers
I love the dreamy yet wistful looking girl in the blog banner, and the use of various  shades of green for her blog. Dance has a very well defined rating system for the books she read, and loads of cover images of books that she’s read.  She has recently setup a Classics Book Club and we’ll be discussing The Scarlet Pimpernel on the 24th, so you be sure to drop by!
Bev’s Books
More Eye-catchers

Bev’s blog, with its centralized lay-out and clear headings is easy on the eyes. I like the collapsible (show/hide) sidebar menu and how Bev classifies books by plot angle as well. She even has one category dedicated to discussing heroes and heroines.  Wow!

BlogHappy Nicole
More Eye-catchers
Nicole’s blog underwent a revamp recently and I see Mailyn’s had a hand in the lay-out. Being an anime fan, I can of course appreciate the illustration of the boyish figure in the montage banner. The combination of the colours effectively conveys the happy, sunshiny mood — nice finishing touch to the already happy sounding blog address.  Blog on happily, Nicole!

Nice-mommy Evil Editor Angie
More Eye-catchers
Did you take a good look at the babe?  She’s got a halo, and her mirror self has  pointy ears.  That’s a wickedly clever banner to have, and most people clamber to leave a comment to Angie’s post cos they’ll get to use the cheeky smileys … uhm, I’m one of them guilty ones.  Angie’s blog is very neatly and efficiently organized, which makes looking for specific post topics easy, and she has been actively engaging readers with polls and ebook discussions.  Keep your ears peeled for lots of oohs and ahhs when Brianna does make an appearance.  She’s such an angel!


10 thoughts on “More Eye-catchers

  1. Well, hey. Thanks for the mention. 😀

    Can I sound pathetic and add a hint, er, wish that Mailyn also did designs for WordPress . . . 😉

  2. ag says:

    Gee,thanks Rob! You’ve set up a pretty interesting one highlighting all sorts of blogs which caught your eyes. Be back to explore.

    Ladies, take a bow please.

  3. ag says:

    Mailyn, I suspect if I look harder, I’ll unearth more of your works soon enough.

    Jennie — your sis is a genious for coming up with those icons, and you’re ingenious for the very original rating. Wish I’d come up with something like that!

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