It Happened One Autumn

It Happened One Autumn

I was in a frenzy to finish It Happened One Autumn so that I could move on to Devil in Winter. Why? I couldn’t wait to read Evie and Sebastian’s story, that’s why!

Lisa Kleypas has crafted a good follow-up to the Wallflower Quartet debut, and it was a delight watching the headstrong and unconventional Lillian clash with the insufferably arrogant I’m-always-right Lord Westcliff. But what really made me sat up was when Sebastian decided to pursue Lillian, around Chapter 8. Somehow, the reader suspects that there’s a heart beneath his roguish appearance. Why, he made Westcliff appear barbaric and obnoxious at times, while he simply shines as the perfect gent who puts his lady’s needs before his own.

He really stole the show from the two main characters for me. Somehow, whenever he appears on the scene, the plot thickens and I perk up a little. He was definitely a welcome diversion to the rather tedious courtship that is the central plot of the book.

I confess that I skipped through pretty much all the steamy scenes between Lillian and Marcus to get to the end of the story, so that I can quickly move on.

In a way, this book was saved by Sebastian, and the secondary characters. I couldn’t really relate to the hang-ups the hero and heroine have over owning up to their feelings for each other. The parry and thrust between the lovers, which was at first delightful, began to bore me until the scene in the library, when Marcus chanced upon an utterly foxed Lillian and proceeded to seduce her. That was the part I started skipping … forward to the little confrontation between Marcus and Sebastian.

Afterwards, the pace picked up a little and the romance finally got a push with Sebastian’s attempted abduction of Lillian. The scuffle between the two friends at the inn was quite funny, but you sense that’s when Sebastian’s story really begins. And boy, oh boy, was I glad that Marcus and Lillian were finally out of the way, and the stage is clear for Evie and Sebastian!!

Oh, um, the word ‘sardonic’ did appear quite a number of times. I was subconsciously counting, I swear! And it’s all your fault, dancechica 😉 hahaha!

BTW, if you love reading classics, be sure to pop by dancechica’s blog for a discussion on 24 Aug. This month’s choice is The Scarlet Pimpernel, one of my favourite secret agent series from waaaay back. I read it again last year to relive the good old years, and it’s still every bit as funny and poignant as I remembered it. Ooh, I’ll definitely be marking down 24 Aug on my calendar.


5 thoughts on “It Happened One Autumn

  1. ag says:

    Oh, Devonna, I agree with you! DIW is the best of the Wallflower series.

    Cindy, Kristie’s right. Try to read IHOA if only to get to know Sebastian better, then you’ll love him even more in DIW.

    Kristie, I didn’t find Lillian annoying, but the sparring started to get a bit tedious after a while, so Sebastian was a great diversion.

  2. I liked this book better than you I think, but your right, Sebastian was a very good part of it. A lot of people thought Lillian annoying but I didn’t. And before this one, I really didn’t like Westcliffe so if nothing else, I got to like him much better in IHOA And Cindy – I think you should read this one if only for the parts with Sebasian because they do play a role in Devil in Winter.

  3. CindyS says:

    Hmmmm, do I have to read the Autumn book or should I just jump into Devil in Winter? I’m thinking I’ll just jump 😉


  4. I enjoyed this story, but I’m excited for you to read DIW. Sebastian and Evie’s story is my favorite of the Wallflower Series.

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