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Idol ChatterLast night’s theme was Jazz, and my absolute fave, Mathilda ‘saved the show’, according to idol judge and prolific singer/ songwriter/ stage actor producer Dick Lee. She’s the only one who understood what the genre means and demands, and gave all she had to deliver her performance perfectly. Eschewing the usual Ella, Natalie and other lady jazz singers, she picked A New Dawn (Michael Buble’s version) and turned it into her own, with expressive eyes and brows, and her signature three finger taps just above her heart, she conquered the judges. Although two of the judges thought she was a little over dramatic, which I totally disagree. I felt she was just being expressive and expansive in her vocals. At the end of the day, it’s the audience who’ll vote with phone calls and text messages. Why am I rooting for her? Because she’s the only idol finalist with any vocal capability to speak of. Yes, she may not be a waif, but her strong features and curvy figure makes her stand out in a jaded world full of culture which preferes reed thin glamourous people who depend on their looks to get them by everything. And speaking of talent, she writes/ blogs pretty well too! There were other finalists with great potential – Hady and Nurul, IMO, but none who has turned consistently superb performance like Mathilda. And if there’s one finalist I’d like to see crowned, it’s Mathilda. So, yes, I’m definitely making my votes count for her. Am not going to make the same mistake I did with Gayle, assuming that she’s safe. Her ousting was an outrage! Go, Mathilda, go!


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