Eye Catchers Part 2

I’ve decided to dedicate Wednesdays to web watching, so continuing from where I left off, these are my WebWatching Wednesday (WWW in future) eye catchers.

BookMinx Samantha


I like the girl in Sam’s blog banner. She’s twirling her hair and reading in what seems to be very comfortable lounge wear that looks perfect for the boudoir. The other thing I like is her very clear rating system – wish I’d thought of that. You can always tell what Sam’s reading from her sidebar, and her varied taste in books make for interesting reading. I also like the way she organises her reviews very neatly with sub-headers — another thing I could learn from her.  I read most of the genres she posts on, except Horror (have no stomach for that), so I try to check her opinions on other non romance books every now and then.

Jay’s Book Banter

Eye Catchers Part 2

Jay recently changed the look of her book banter blog, and I like her use of bright colours and the swirly icons and colour block headers. It gives the site a very refreshing look.  I also like her creative use of the sidebar to feature books that she’s bought or been reading. Jay’s another reader with varied reading tastes, and some of the books and authors are new to me, so I visit from time to time to find out which newbie gets her thumbs-up.

Eye Catchers Part 2

Maili has a comprehensive list of links, reader groups, and other interesting sites that pulls me to her blog every now and then. She’s also one of the many talented artists, and from time to time, she also talks about anime and manga, another interest of mine, although I haven’t been inspired by any recently except Steam Boy.  Hmmm … she’s been quiet for a while now, so I hope she gets back online soon.
So there you go … three more eye-catching blogs with good content for you to surf over to.


3 thoughts on “Eye Catchers Part 2

  1. Hey thanks for the mention! That template was giving me a run for my money, just couldn’t get it to work right!!

  2. ag says:

    Great job you did with Nicole’s blog lay-out, Mailyn.

    Oh, the anime and manga webring idea sounds good. mmm … I’m gonna look for one.

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