Enthralling Goblet of Fire

Having seen the movie twice, and the video twice, I was already impatient to start on this book so that I can progress on to the next, and the next. I couldn’t help staying up late to finish this marvelous follow-up to Prisoner of Azkaban – it was worth sacrificing that few hours of sleep.


The book filled in some of the gaps left by the movie and it was a different sort of experience reading this. If POA marks the transition of the series into something more than a YA fiction series, then Goblet of Fire deepens that impression with the blossoming of Harry’s powers as a wizard, especially facing the daunting task of surviving, let alone attempting to win the Triwizard Tournament.

But whereas the movie focused solely on the competition, given the constraints of time, the book delves deeper into Harry’s relationships with the various members of the Weasley family, and the house-elves’ plight. Even as hormones run riot and emotions run high, the author never lost sight of her central plot.

Am not going to waste space here (and time – cos I’ve just finished Order of the Phoenix and am in a real hurry to get on with Half Blood Prince!!!) dissecting the plot and recapping for non-fans.(Eeeep … I just admitted to being a HP fangirl.) You can get that from Leakynews, the most authoritative fansite on the series that I know of. Another excellent site is Mugglenet.

Anyway, as the story progresses and the tale gets more sinister, the tension mounts until the final confrontation between Harry and you-know-who, where a tragic murder took place. Astute fans will notice a pattern here, and they bank on that to happen. I crave that gathering of momentum Rowling creates that will see you hurtling yet into another thrilling adventure with Harry, and GOF doesn’t disappoint. Rowling just keeps getting better! That’s why I can’t wait to read HBP.

There’s been quite a lot of speculation on who the author will be killing off in book 7 following an interview she gave on the Richard & Judy show over UK’s Channel 4. One of the romance cirlce also did a post on this … but I’ve lost the link I have my own speculations but would want to finish off HBP first to see if my hunches at this stage are in the right direction.

Adios then, am off to bury my nose in book 6.


3 thoughts on “Enthralling Goblet of Fire

  1. ag says:

    Hi Mailyn, Suisan,

    I love this series … I think Rowling just keeps getting better!!

    Just finished HBP and can’t wait for book 7 too!

  2. I’m glad I read it, so that I know all the plot devices which are
    picked up on in later books, but I didn’t really Enjoy reading Goblet of

    I thought it would have been better as two books, one based on the the
    World Cup, one based at Hogwarts. I also think that Prisoner of Azkaban
    was a tough act to follow.

    I’ve had trouble getting really engaged in the books, actually, ever
    since Goblet of Fire. They all seem way too long or some such thing. But
    I reread Prisoner fairly frequently. Go Figure.

    Can’t wait for Book 7 either!

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