Eye Catchers

This post is sort of inspired by Mailyn’s revelation of some of the worst professional websites.

Part of my daily routine at work includes scouring the web for news, sites and inspiring sites for co-marketing/ branding exercises. That habit has sort of extended spilled over to my private life and I find myself exploring and bookmarking sites which caught my eye. It’s usually the overall design and lay-out, as well as the author’s personality which calls out to me and makes me stop just to take a second glance, perchance to read, then to visit daily.

I web-watch a lot so let me just kick off this post by highlighting a couple of reader blogs and sites which caught my eye, and which are now on my blogroll. Here they are, in no order of merit:

Eye Catchers
Mailyn’s Imaginary Origin
I like how the masked lady looks a little pensive, slightly wistful and how Mailyn has filled in the sides with oriental looking characters, which look like a quote to me. Very mysterious and alluring.

Eye Catchers

Smart Bitches
I just love the smart looking women in the banner. They look so stylish and intelligent with the dorky-looking cat’s eye glasses? I’ve been looking for that kind of glasses for a year now, but can’t find a pair like those! The pink background gives the site a subtle hint of femininity that does not detract from the expectation of wit and humour from the authors.

Eye Catchers

The Book Bitches
I love their banner header. The four (or two?) ladies look so serene and poised!

Eye Catchers

Kristie’s Ramblings
I like the elegant lady on Kristie’s blog banner. She looks like she just stepped right out of a Monet painting. Whenever I need some reading inspiration, I just troop over to her blog, as she invariably will have lots of images up on either the sidebar or her posts. That’s how I ended up with Anne Stuart’s book.

Eye Catchers

Alyssa’s Book Blog
I like the clean lines and neat lay-out, and the effective use of white space alternating with purple highlighted spaces to focus the reader’s attention. Of course, I like the illustration of the lady using her laptop, and the shelves of books behind her. It gives you a very clear idea of her interests – reading, writing and blogging.

All right, just these five for tonight. Be back with more eye-catching blogs and sites.


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  1. Ah shucks!!! Thanks for liking my ‘look’. I actually had very little to do with it. I picked out the picture, tag line and the colours, but had help with everything else.

  2. oh man thanks for having me up there! I feel honored that you like my design so much to highlight it hehhee thanks again!

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