Waltzing with Stuart

Waltzing with Stuart

Kristie’s right. Ms Stuart writes Historical Romances as brilliantly as she does Romantic Suspense.

I finished Anne Stuart’s The Devil’s Waltz before I started on Black Ice for July’s TBR Challenge. Not going to dissect the plot here.  If you like, hop over to the author’s website for the synopsis.

It was devilishly clever of her to pit a confirmed spinster convinced of her lack of beauty against a gorgeous but destitute scoundrel who nonetheless sees her inner beauty and appreciates her above any other man.

It’s hard to stay cross with Christian Montclam, as Annelise found out in the book.  That rogue will always charm his way out of a tight situation, although he got into quite a pickle in the last part. He seems like an utterly despicable gold-seeker who’d not stop at coercion or kidnap to gain an heiress. Yet there’s a heart of gold hidden within that reluctant hero, and it was such a delight uncovering and growing to admire him.

The intelligent heroine, who is determined to foil his attempts at snaring the heiress under her charge, is of course more than a match for him with some surprises of her own. It was great fun watching her trying to resist her attraction towards him, suppressing her reactions but in the end caving in to a love that she thought she would never find.

I enjoyed the verbal sparring and the sensible way Stuart crafted her story. There’s no unnecessary use of a Big-Mis, but there’s great action and the basic premise of opposites attract works like magic. It was a good introduction for me to Anne Stuart, and a very good demonstration of her versatility as a romance author, an opinion that was especially true after I’ve read her RS book.

I think this is one author that I’ll enjoy tracking and reading for quite a while. Another big thanks to Kristie for posting this on her blog sidebar.

What would I do without those images? Keep at it, ladies.


4 thoughts on “Waltzing with Stuart

  1. My copy of A Rose at Midnight is doing the rounds somwehre in California and Canada but I can send it to you when I get it back since that book is VERY hard to find online.

    I do have To LOve a Dark Lord here and I could send you that if you want. Let me know!

  2. ag says:

    Ahh … more recs. I love the sound of the Dark Lord. Am trying to get a few from her backlist too, but no luck with the major bookstores so far.

    Looks like I’ll have to order online.

  3. I agree with Mailyn – those two are great. The heroes in those ones are quite a bit darker though than Christian in TDW – but delicious nevertheless.

  4. yes! I love Anne Stuart historicals and I love this book. great review.

    you should realy, realy read my two favorite Anne Stuart books:

    A Rose at Midnight and To Love a Dark Lord

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