McPhee: The Captain’s Lady


I think Ms Margaret McPhee needs to find another editor for her books, or get her publisher to change the typesetter. There’re quite a few glaring typos that I don’t think are the author’s.

That said, I must commend the publisher, Harlequin,  on the great cover choice for The Captain’s Lady. It is very tastefully done, and invokes a sense of wonder and romance – reminds me of Gone with the Wind. In fact, I picked up this book largely because I’ve seen the cover on Kristie’s sidebar, and the cover already hints at romance and high sea adventure, only I wish it had been a pirate story of sorts. But the Navy is just as real and well.

This new romance author has turned quite an enjoyable read, although it isn’t really your award-winning nor tear wrenching high drama romance. The powerful kind from veterans like Lisa Kleypas, Judith Ivory and Elizabeth Thornton, that shakes up your emotions and makes you want to stay up late to finish it. Nope, it certainly isn’t that, but it was a pleasant read.

Kudos to McPhee for a well-researched backdrop and a reader friendly narrative. Her story arc, a woman disguising herself as a young man to escape an unwanted marriage, isn’t new, but she has taken that common story and woven a fascinating tale out of it.

The heroine, Georgiana, is given to heroic impulses that sometimes lend her in trouble, for example, jumping into an icy fast-flowing river to fob off the undesirable attentions from an unwanted suitor and almost drowning for that. While the hero, Nathaniel Hawke, is stubbornly reticent about his feelings, but totally honourable in his treatment of the heroine. The story is fleshed out by members of Hawke’s clue crew whose concern for ship’s boy, George, is rather endearing. Their loyalty towards their own is also admirable. I may look out for her subsequent efforts, but will be passing this on. It’s not really a keeper on my limited and precious shelf space.

2 thoughts on “McPhee: The Captain’s Lady

  1. Yea, I didn’t think this one was a keeper either. I didn’t finish it – I might sometime but with so many books *sigh* But it sure is a gorgeous cover isn’t it

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