Surprising Sabrina

Surprising Sabrina

Even before I’ve started reading Sabrina Jeffries’ In the Prince’s Bed, I’ve already read some of the reviews. Tara Marie thought it was only so-so, and Angie gave it a 3-star while Tabikins thought it’s a 5-star work.

However, Sabrina Jeffries being new to me, I’m going to dedicate this post to Sybil, who loves to read SJ even though she didn’t quite like this debut of the Royal Brotherhood Series.

The plot is really tried and tested: a titled gent on dire straits decides to court a rich heiress of not so noble birth and they both end up falling for each other. While the basic story arc is predictable, the author has thrown in some surprising layers to it. Such as a gay romance [as] the subplot, and an enigmatic, and somehow patriotic, past that the hero tries very hard to hide just as he tries to downplay any show of courage he displayed.

I wouldn’t say this is a definite winner in my books, but it has the promise of developing into a good series, so I’m holding out for the next instalment which Samantha reviewed for Angie’s TBR challenge in March. Sybil gave some good recs in her comments to Samantha’s post.

What made the series worked for me was the intelligent heroine, Katherine Merivale, who despite being pragmatic about her prospects on the marriage mart, still yearns for a love match. And she has learnt firsthand from her father’s relationship with her mom, not to trust a rake. SO although she’s slowly seduced by Alec, the Earl of Iversley, she still couldn’t shake off the feeling that it’s all a dream and that he’s actually leading her on.

If anything, the story only highlights the need for couples to COMMUNICATE. I think much of the guessing would have been taken [away] and the romance proceed more smoothly if Alec would just come right out and confess his little scheme, like his half brother, Gavin, suggested. But then, that would have made the story shorter and more boring.

Still, it was a surprisingly enjoyable read for me. I’m more curious about Regina and Marcus, and how the three half brothers finally pair off. Therefore, I’m keeping this book for now, until I’ve finished the series.


5 thoughts on “Surprising Sabrina

  1. CindyS says:

    I *think* I have this series of books because I won a set of her books in an AAR Auction. I have never tried her books which is why I bid – also, those authors who I have tried were getting bids well out of my comfort zone. Even though the money went to a good cause, you still need to know your limit.

    You can thank my getting sleepy to that wonderful last line warning about the ills of over indulging.

    Okay, time for bed. I’m not making sense anymore. Just really wanted to thank you for your opinion on this author!


  2. ag says:

    But of course, Sybil, since you love to read SJ’s work.

    And I’m def. going to get the other 2 half brothers’ stories.

  3. awwww you like me you really really like me *g*

    I hope you get a chance to read some more of her books. She really is an fun read! Sez I 😉

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