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The final 12 for this season’s (Season 2) Singapore Idol has been chosen, and I’m happy to report that my two favourites, Mathilda D’Silva (pictured left) and Gayle Nerva, both with powerful vocals, are amongst the dozen finalists. Well done!

Idol ChatterIdol Chatter

This season seems to see a stronger showing from the gals, IMO. I’ll be watching out for the performances of Nurul, Rahimah and Jasmine as well. My daughter is rooting for Gayle while some of the ladies in the office have their eyes on Jonathan. Yeah, that guy’s a crooner alright.

What’s really worth commending is how the show organiser (i.e. MediaCorp) has extended the show online through podcasts, videos on demand hosted by last season’s finalist – sweet Daphne – and the word is the final 12 will have their own blogs as well! So, kudos to the Idol production team for making full use of multimedia and extending the reach online. Am sure this will really engage a wider audience.

Aside: It’s really amazing how the creative idol winner from season one, Taufik Batisah (voted Fave Artiste Singapore at the MTV Asia Awards 2006), has moved on to pen and produce his own songs for his sophomore album.  Even idol-on-demand host, Daphne penned a couple and sang them recently with her indie band at a concert outing.

I’m sucked into the show alright.  Let’s hope my faves advance into the final 6.

Go, Mathilda! Go, Gayle!


4 thoughts on “Idol Chatter

  1. Hehehe, thanks!

    I don’t understand Chinese but I do listen to a lot of Chinese, Japanese and Korean artists. Hey, even if I don’t understand it the music and the voices are nice hehehe. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. ag says:

    Hello Mailyn,

    If you understand Chinese, I’d recommend Mandarin pop singers Joice Koh, JJ Lin, Tanya Chua, Stefanie Sun, Kit Chan and Do Cheng Yi (who goes by the nickname A-Do).

    If you’re looking for artistes who sing in English, then besides the reigning idol Taufik, there’s Tanya Chua, Dick Lee, Kit Chan, Jacintha Abisheganaden and Douglas Oliverio.

  3. I don’t watc tv but I’ve always wanted to know about music from Singapore since I already listen to music from a lot of Asian countries. What do you recommend?

    BTW, nice blog! 🙂

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