Whoa! Look what I Missed Part 2

I did say I’ll try to recall the missing post so this is it:

It’s been a crazy two weeks at work (and it still is, as we’re minus two team members this week) so when I had the chance to blog  last Thursday (sorry this should be two Thursdays ago now), I did a little blog hopping and here’s what I’ve missed over the last 2 weeks:

Kristie wrote a wonderful open letter to the power execs at Avon, imploring them to come down from their ivory tower and pull up their socks.  Sybil has my thanks for bringing Quinn readers (like myself) up-to-date with her latest venture into eBooks.

[Update: she went even further to link us to JQ’s thoughts on the epilogues.  Oh, and if you haven’t noticed the ‘show/hide’ feature Sybil and Kristie have added to their blogs, you should go have some fun there. While you’re at it, do visit JQ’s site.]

Angie ran a poll on the requirements of a romance novel and many romance readers weighed in with their varied comments.  Jane over at DearAuthor expanded on that and questioned if the face of romance has changed, to which Tara provided this sharp observation:

I think some of these things keep up with societal changes or maybe are just catching up with these changes, people live together before marriage and sometimes never actually marry, but that doesn’t diminish their HEA. Some people want children, some don’t. It makes sense that the traditional HEA will change.

which very much echoes her thoughts on evolving reading habits.  Tara’s changed the look of her blog, so hop over  for a visit, will ya?

[Update: May (at last! another reader from Singers) didn’t think a hero is a necessity for the heroine to have a HEA. She’d even come up with a name for this subgenre without HEAs, and is offering herself up as Publisher!]

Tara left this comment on my previous entry, which (sob, sob …) disappeared, but thank God I kept the email notification:

Gee, don’t I feel smart. Welcome back to romanceland.

Well, Tara, you sure are. And may I say, I sure like the picture of the girl on your new template. I’ve also lost Kristie’s and Jay’s comments to an earlier entry but have reproduced them here.

Kristie said:

I am just so in awe of everything you and some other bloggers have managed to do to change the look and even host of your blogs.  I’m still feeling lucky I figured out (with much, much help) how to do pictures!!!

And Jay asked:

Can I make a nitpicky suggestion? The links in pink are rather hard to read, especially on the white background.

Thanks, Jay. I took your suggestion, and changed the links to purple.  Think  it’s easier on the eyes now.

Kristie, keep going at it.  I love the images of the book covers you put up on the sidebar. It requires some serious discipline to update.


6 thoughts on “Whoa! Look what I Missed Part 2

  1. ag says:

    I agree Sybil. You’ve got to respect her for caring about her readers enough to wish to address their queries and concerns.

    It also shows that she is on the ball with what’being discussed in the blogosphere about her books.

    Kristie, it’s eye candy alright. not to mention those pix of hunks. verrrra distracting.

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  3. Um – I have a show hide feature??? Really???
    And I thought JQ showing up and answering thoughts was kind of neat too. And – ah – I haven’t updated the books at the side for a while either *she added sheepishly* Shortly though I will – shortly! Now that we’re into reruns.

  4. Quinn was quite the doll to answer our questions and address her thoughts on a blog. Regardless of if you agree or disagree with the eppies, really you have to give her credit for that.

    And honestly she was super cool about the whole thing. I will make a point to read her just for that.

  5. Oh boy.

    Can I resign as publisher/editor/writer and let the company go bankrupt now?

    Thanks for the plug. I think. It’s a lot of pressure, you know. LOL.

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