Amanda Quick: Reckless

I was drawn to this book by the synopsis on the back cover, which goes:

From a crumbling fairy-tale castle on the stormy Sussex coast to a dazzling, dizzying  masquerade ball comes and enchanted tale of a tarnished knight, a daring maiden, and a sweet, searing, storybook love …

Well, the romance sucker in me just lapped that up and bought it expecting some medieval romance.  But it turns out that the story in actually set in Georgian England, and the unconventionally independent and reckless heroine, Phoebe, was holding out for a knight to assuage her guilt over sending an ex-suitor to his death seeking a fortune over the seas.

Her knight errant, the dangerously attractive and strong-willed Earl of Wilde, Gabriel (hmmm … why is it that these strong heroes get to be named after the archangel?) whom she’d grown up romanticizing, turns out to be a disappointment at first. Despite that, she continued to believe in him, even though he’s made it clear that he’s not the hero she thinks he is. The two of them got hitched, but while trying to reconcile themselves to their married state, Phoebe’s life/ safety was threatened and Gabriel has to leant to trust in the his own heart and her love.

This is pretty standard fare from Amanda Quick.  The pace was just nice, the characters were quite engaging, and there was a mystery to get the brain working.  Together, they make this book a pretty safe read, and just good for passing the time. Otherwise, if you aren’t a fan of Quick’s, it may be better for you to let this book pass.

Some of the plot developments were rather predictable but other than that, there’s nothing else that finds disfavour with me.  On a score of 1 to 10, this would be about 6.

Amanda Quick: Reckless

Another thing: I found this cover (which is the copy I read) rather incongruous. But I like the way the photo’s taken for this cover.


4 thoughts on “Amanda Quick: Reckless

  1. ag says:

    I’m afraid the interest will die for me too. This one’s pretty standard AQ fare, she’s done better.

  2. Once upon a time I used to love her Amanda Quck novels, but then they kind of petered out for me and I haven’t read one in ever so long. I’m pretty sure I read Reckless, but darn it all again, I don’t really remember it.

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