Blooks a-Blooming

Stumbled across this article on Bizweek. It’s really interesting how some blogs find their way into print.

These range from novels to comics to memoirs. Some begin as blogs read by hundreds of thousands of loyal fans, land at well-known publishers, and end up sold through huge retailers from Barnes & Noble ( BKS)

Could you just imagine the revolutionary changes this is going to mean? Just think, any blogger — there are 36 million blogs out there, with 75,000 new online diaries added daily, according to Technorati – who can put out compelling content could potentially be a book author.

“We believe there’s a market [for book-publishing services] for every single blogger out there,” says Eileen Gittins, CEO of online publisher “Charles Dickens originally serialized his novels in magazines. We are seeing much the same thing happening today, with blogs.”

So, if you’re thinking of making a bid for the limelight and fame, here are a few publishers who have already set up shop:

Putnam and Little, Brown & Co. – has is working on software it calls Slurper, designed to make converting blogs into books with a snap of the fingers. Apparently, they will then invite bloggers to place their blooks into one of a half-dozen professionally
designed templates, such as for a cookbook or a book of poetry.

Amazing the full circle we come round to. I guess as long as there are book readers, there’ll always be a market for such new ideas, be it a blog-turned-book or an ebook in print.


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