Sex, Lies and …

Rachel Gibson. A name I’ll be watching ever since I’ve finished reading her ‘Sex, Lies and Online Dating’ more than a week ago.

Sex, Lies and …

This talented lady has thrown huge dollops of romance, a decent tale of suspense, a couple of wacky situations, snappy dialogue and steamy moments into her cauldron and came up with this wickedly funny book.

I was captivated by the synopsis at the back of the book when I went on my last booking shopping binge, and simply got to get the book. There were quite a number of favourable reviews on this book before I got started reading it, and true enough, the book didn’t disappoint.

Very briefly, the author has thrown a successful mystery writer, Lucy Rothschild, and an undercover detective investigating a triple murder that looks like the work of a female serial killer together.  So … while Lucy was busy sussing out her online dates as part of her research for latest work, she never expected to be treated as the prime suspect.  It looked really bad ‘cos she happened to have ‘dated’ the three corpses before they were killed off in cold blood.

So, while the two protagonists were busy trying to sieve out the each other’s lies and fighting the heady attraction, somebody was plotting to end their alliance.

I’ll stop here so as not to spoil the story for those who’ve yet to read it.  If you want more of the plot, go read the synopsis on the author’s official site.

I think it’s marvelous the way she’s brought some elements of modern relationships, such as online dating, into a romance genre that’s really niche. Contemporary romantic suspense novels are either heavy on the romance and thin on the suspense or vice versa. The fact that Gibson’s injected some humour into this book, and balanced out the romance and suspense elements to bring you a delightfully entertaining read is an achievement in and of itself.

One of the subplots is Lucy’s relationship with her circle of writer friends, whom I suspect will be getting their own stories. There’s a sneak for one of them at the end, and it reads like another potentially delicious piece, so it’s on my watchlist.


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