Hilarious Heiress for Hire

I was experiencing what those gorgeous Georgians would call ennui, only in this instance it’s a reading slump I’ve fallen into trying to get past the half-way mark of Judith Ivory’s The Proposition, when I decided to give the latter a rest and try reading Heiress for a change on Friday.

Hilarious Heiress for Hire

It turned out to be a good choice after all. Reading the synopsis, you would have dismissed this as nothing more than another contemporary fluff, something of a spoof of the reality TV show, The Simple Life.

But this is a truly surprising find for me. It was a hilarious, laugh-a-minute great read, perfect for that entertaining break between period and serious literature that I badly needed to recharge myself on my reading journey. [Not to mention the TBR challenge].

Her play of words and cliches as well as references to current icons of pop culture were right on the dot. She had me laughing from beginning to end. Try this for the opening sentence:

There were some things money couldn’t buy. For everything else, there was her

and this punch line for the ending sentence of the book:

Sharing her life with the people she loved? Priceless.

I haven’t read many authors who has taken on MasterCard’s famous tagline and made it very humourously her own. This romantic comedy is funny and engaging with its timeless theme of opposites attract and finding love in the most unexpected places and time.

McCarthy has also created main characters who may appear stereotypes of their upbringing, but she has also given them layers and insecurities that the current generation of readers can relate to. Their hang-ups about their attractiveness to the opposite sex, competency as a parent (on the hero Danny’s part) and being worthy of love make them less than perfect, but realistic, really likeablee people.

This was what worked for me in this book. I couldn’t put it down! Started it in the evening and finished it before midnight, taking only time out for meals, bedtime tuck-in for the kids and toilet breaks. A feat in itself that was only made possible because it was a public holiday.

Reading the author’s journal where she tells of the inspiration behind her novella, Lady of the Lake, which is part of the anthology, When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys, I’m already very intrigued by the plot and likely to pick it up just to see where the bikini mishap takes Violet and Dylan.

So, if you’re sorely in need of some laughter, with a tiny bit of tacky humour thrown in, I’d recommend this for the sheer entertainment it’ll bring.

But now, I’ve to return to some serious pondering of The Proposition and the classic romance and high adventure to be had in The Princess Bride.

Later …


6 thoughts on “Hilarious Heiress for Hire

  1. Oh yes WGTHTBB is a must. They are all good stories. hmmm I have a review in for it. I should check where it is at.

    anywho… great read all the way around, even LF tara ;). But EM was my fave.

  2. ag says:

    Yeah, I cracked up over the first adn last line, Sybil. Rom com is her call, alright.

    I’ve been up to her site and am eyeing her latest novella.Looks like ADWTOS is a must — Boston’s and Shelby’s story.

    Hi Tara, it was a fun and quick read. Very suitable for breaking up a slump, IMO.

  3. Love this book! Hee I DIK’ed it at AAR. Should I through in a LOL.

    I adored the first line and last. She has a great way with hooks to pull you in. I haven’t read a ‘bad’ book by her. If you haven’t read it yet, look for Date With the Other Side. It is just as good. So is Mouth to Mouth… have Houston tbr.

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