Birthdate Meme

Came across this over at McVane’s and decided to give it a shot. Out of the entries for 31 March, here are my selections:

Three events that happened on my special day:
#1993 – Actor Brandon Lee is accidentally killed during the filming of The Crow.
I remember catching the movie because of this, sort of as a farewell gesture … the part where he came out of the grave spooked me. He is the son of Bruce Lee, after all, and I simply had to watch the movie.

#1998 – Netscape releases the code base of its browser under an open source license agreement; the open source project is given the code name Mozilla, and would eventually be spun off into the non-profit Mozilla Foundation.
I luuurve their Firefox web browser with the tabs and live bookmarks.

#2004Google announces Gmail, the first web-based mail service to offer 1 gigabyte of storage.
What can I say? Another great creation!

Two important birthdays:
#1732Franz Josef Haydn, Austrian composer (d. 1809)
He’s the Father of Symphony

#1811Robert Wilhelm Bunsen, German chemist and inventor (d. 1899)
Ahh … chemistry lessons wouldn’t be the same without the burner named after him

One interesting death:
#1945Anne Frank, German-born diarist (b. 1929)
Reading her diary was a revelation to me. My teenage literature lessons were all the more engaging because I could relate to what she aspired to and dreamt of. She would have so much to contribute to the world had she lived.