Desperate Measures?

Came across this story on USAToday two weeks ago and was tickled by the desperate measures marketers (uh, oh … that could well be me) go through to reach female web surfers. 

One partcular case study caught my attention as it features … … tada … creating your own mini romance! And guess who is the proponent? Oral B! Curiosity piqued, I followed the link to BrushwithRomance to have some hilarious fun.

The concept was ingenious, but I have to question their taste using A Martinez, Tia Carrere and Fabio as the three choices of lead characters out of which site visitors (hopefully mostly women) could select one to create their own mini romance … yep, right down to cheesy lines (they’re absolutely cringe worthy, I swear!) and humourous twists. Tia as heroine material was fine, but Fabio???

Man, the people at Oral B ought to trawl reader sites and author blogs before they fix it in their head that he’s what female web surfers, a large proportion of whom, I’d bet, are romance readers, would envision as a romance hero. So what if he’s been on numerous book covers, which by the way I loathe?

Of course, I went with Tia. She’s a far better choice than the other two. Now, if they had cast someone else like Clive Owens, Colin Firth, Matthew MacFadyen, Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen or Sean Bean … hmmm, yummy.

But then, I wouldn’t want to insult these dishy males with the cheesy lines they’ll be made to live down with for eternity.


2 thoughts on “Desperate Measures?

  1. ag says:

    Yeah, am guilty of being a rabid fan of LOTR – the movie, all three of them. Not the books … and I’m not ashamed of proclaiming that. Never got round to finishing the books. 😦

    You should catch Bloom in Kingdom of Heaven. He was simply magnificent, and I love Johnny Depp’s hilarious turn as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates – Bloom’s in there too.

  2. Oh LOL! That’s funny! I didn’t know about this article on USA Today. I got it from Trollop who posted it on our blog. LOL

    Btw, nice choices of men 😛 (new addition in my list is Matthew–loved him at P&P!). Well, except for Leggy Bloom, don’t think he’s hot at all. :S (Viggo? Sean? am guessing you love LOTR like me LOL)

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