Another bookshopping binge

My dear, sweet colleagues gave me a Borders book voucher for my birthday while another presented me with a set of Scrabble card game. I’m touched that they all know how book mad I am, and both gifts are the most ideal presents a bookworm like me could ask for. So, thank you ladies!

Of course I had to go bookshopping, and these are what I hauled back:

Another bookshopping binge  Another bookshopping binge Another bookshopping binge

The Sun Witch, The Moon Witch and The Star Witch by Linda Winstead Jones
I have P. Devi to thank for these. I was drawn to the cover art, like her. They truly look like some of the masterpieces you’ll find on DeviantArt. Linda blogs at The Midnight Hour with a couple of other writers of paranormal. I like these covers so much that I’ve scanned them here again. Heh heh …

Then, there’s Lady of Sin by Madeline Hunter, which I’ve been waiting, well, forever [for]. Another delicious looking one is In the Prince’s Bed by Sabrina Jeffries, which I have [since] removed from my wish list.

I’ve missed reading SF Fantasy a little, so when I saw Catherine Asaro’s The Charmed Sphereand Alma Alexander’s The Hidden Queen, I decided to add them to the pile as well.

The rest were inspired by reader posts, and they are:
The Devil’s Waltz by Anne Stuart (Kristie has this up on her side bar for a while)
Black Ice also by Anne Stuart, and
The Captain’s Lady by Margaret McPhee

With the exception of Madeline Hunter, the rest are all new to me. Couldn’t find DIW (Kleypas) in the store though, so will have to either order from Amazon or visit another store.


4 thoughts on “Another bookshopping binge

  1. ag says:

    hmmm … I see another controversial book in Sabrina Jeffries Prince’s Bed, huh?

    Oh yes, Sybil, I luurve book certs. The more the merrier :))

    Kristie, funnily enough, it was the cover, when you had them plastered on you sidebar for a while, which had me hynoptised. I couldn’t shake the image off, so naturally had to pick the Stuart books off the shelf.

  2. I really enjoyed both Stuart books. What impresses me is how well she writes in to such different genres. I also have The Captain’s Lady which I admit I bought completely on cover alone. I think it’s gorgeous!

  3. I didn’t like In the Prince’s Bed that much but did read it at the end of a SJ readingfeast so I have it on a tbrread list ;).

    So of course when I posted to samantha’s review of TPaP and listed a few rec’s. I reread those ;).

    Love to hear what you think. And Lady of Sin was great, so look forward to seeing what you think of it.

    I haven’t read any of the witch books but I do have her three books under the name Linda Devlin that she wrote with Lori to make up the Rock Creek six books. Westerns ;).

    Don’t book certs make the bestest gifts evah! Hope you have fun with your new books!

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