Then Came Lisa Kleypas

This book piqued my curiosity because, amongst other reasons, it introduces a hero that quite a number of romance readers (RomanceLover, Kristie, Jennifer B, to name a few) admire. So, I had to see for myself, don’t I? Besides, this book sort of gives you an inkling of Derek Craven, who gets his own story in Dreaming of You (which Kristie has been recommending) and his attitude towards LOVE. Hint: it’s actually much more complicated than commitment phobia.

Then Came Lisa Kleypas

Since I’ve been reading Kleypas romances, and chasing her Wallflower series, I consider myself a fan of hers, so I simply have to catch up on these two that for some reason, I haven’t gotten round to reading.

Enow of the rambling, and on with the review …

You can read the synopsis here on the author’s website, so I won’t elaborate on the storyline. What appeals to me are the strong lead characters. Both hero and heroine are stubborn creatures, and their clashes made for some entertaining reading. The wager at Craven’s club wherein Alex gambled with Lily for the privilege of a night in bed with her against 15 grand a la Indecent Proposal was a dead giveaway on how the story would turn. He’s already got the hots for her so it wasn’t too far a stretch of the imagination to guess who would emerge the winner.

However, this scene also reveals the chink in Derek’s armour (via his factotum, Worthy) and provides readers with an insight into why he makes his round amongst the ‘high-kicking’ ladies but never settle on one. And gives Kleypas the reason to come up with Derek’s story. And oh boy, was the seduction scene in Craven’s private apartments steamy

There is a secret baby and she became the cause of a Big-Mis, mostly because Lily chose to omit details of her past for fear losing Alex’s love … shame on her though. I thought she should have trusted her own judgement and perception of her husband’s character, if not his aunt’s hints that the men of their house loves fiercely and eternally. But then, we women could be that insecure sometimes.

Overall this was an enjoyable book, athough the tension between Alex and Lily didn’t affect me as much as the cackling chemistry between Annabelle (try as she might to deny any attraction) and Simon from Secrets of a Summer Night. But as I said, it was more of a prelude to DOY ( coming up in my next post) for me.

Ok … now back to Megan McKinney’s Moonlight Becomes Her.


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