Blown Away by Katie MacAlister

What drew me to Katie MacAlister’s Blow Me Down was the cover. At first glance, the pirate on the cover could have passed for Captain Jack Sparrow (played by the delightful Johnny Depp) from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, which I absolutely adore and whose blockbuster sequel, Dead Man’s Chest (there’s no doubt that it’ll be a smashing success) I’m feverishly anticipating this summer. 


It looked simply too delicious to pass up reading, and since she’s new to me, I bought it on impulse. And it was well worth it. For a synopsis of the book, go here, for I’m going to dive right in and tell you what I feel about this book.


The pace was fast and furious, no wasting words or breath detailing non essential information. You’re drawn right into the virtual game Buckling Swashes. I was truly caught and very much intrigued by the ‘game’ environ which of course, the reader somehow knew the heroine, Amy, got sucked into.

The book is written in the first person, by the way, so that helps as it is mostly about a virtual pirate adventure that became very real for Amy, so first person perspective puts you in her shoes.

This is a wickedly funny book featuring a heroine with Attitude and a pure heart of gold, plus a genuine hero who’s not afraid of losing to or baring his heart to his lady. The combination agrees with me. I was blown away by the author’s creative idea of using a pseudo-virtual high sea adventure as the premise of a ‘love-at-first sight’ romance. Who would have thought virtual romance is going to make online dating seem passe. Hmm … The Matrix seems rather appealing all of a sudden, just the adventure sans romance.

I surfed Katie’s website, and saw some other books that are downright tempting. I’m already eyeing The Corset Diaries and Men in Kilts. This is one contemporary author that I shall be tracking from now on.


4 thoughts on “Blown Away by Katie MacAlister

  1. ag says:

    oh dear, so it’s a hit or miss with both of you huh?

    Jay, I’m already eyeing Corset Diairies, so thanks for the tip off.

    Marg, I wish you courage. 😉

  2. I’ve read three Katie McAlisters. The first was Men in Kilts which I thought was Meehh! The second was Noble Intentions which I thought was hysterical and loved. The next one was Noble Destiny and I hated it!!! I have The Trouble with Harry here to read one day…but I am too scared to pick it up!!

  3. I loved the Corset Diaries even though it seems to be universally panned by all the review sites. Then I tried Men in Kilts and returned it after the third chapter, it was just. that. bad. But then I really enjoyed You Slay Me, so Katie MacAlister is very off and on for me.

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