My First (maybe Last) Sandra Brown

Heck, I was going to tell all … how the plot in Love Beyond Reason didn’t really impress, and the H/H didn’t get me excited. But when I sat down to post, my mind drew a blank … and this considering that I only just read this book 2 weeks ago!


That’s how deep an impression it left me. Which is not good. If I can’t even remember what the story was about (now that I’ve surfed over to the author’s website for the synopsis, I can recall bits and pieces), it’s a sure sign that the book didn’t score with me.  

I picked up a Sandra Brown because I was searching for a category romance book for September’s TBR challenge … nothing like preparing ahead, heh? She’s highly acclaimed, but somehow LBR failed to produce sparks or even a slight tingle in me. The heroine, (I have to refer to her site for the name) Katherine, didn’t live up to her initial tough fighter image.

In fact, the moment she married the hero, Jason(?)/ Jake?, she went all soft and needy. The hero is just another rich, alpha-male who seduced, or rather coerced, the heroine into a rushed marriage so both get to keep the niece. It’s a stretch, but hey, better that than a horrific lawsuit for custody with her sis’ in-laws, right?

Am I just biased due to my preference for historicals? Or is this really one of the duds amongst Sandra’s long list of great works (she’s won numerous awards for her other books), which I have the misfortune to pick as a first taste of her prowess as romance writer?

Unless someone recommends a very strong book that’ll compel me to read her romance books again, I think I’m going to have to hunt for another genre romance writer. So, if there’s anyone out there who thinks I should give her another chance, speak now or forever hold your peace.


8 thoughts on “My First (maybe Last) Sandra Brown

  1. *gasp* Who dares to call you a stalker Kristie!!?

    Thing about the Texas books were that they were good when they came out. I haven’t tried to re-read them so I may yet find more space on my shelves if I pick them up 😉


  2. Sandra Brown falls under the “I have fond memories” category. I’d rather not ruin those memories, so I don’t reread her books.

    I have particularly good memories of Led Astray and Honor Bound, but I’m not sure they would hold up to the test of time.

    I also liked the Texas… books, but I know they would definitely not hold up well.

  3. ag says:

    Cindy, I think you’ve put your finger on what didn’t work for me. It was dated.

    I guess I could forgive some creativity and an overstretch of the imagination when it comes to historical/ period/ SF. But if it’s contemporary, there has to be a relevance.

    sybil, thanks for the two authors. I’ll look out for them.

  4. I’m not that much a fan of Sandra Brown myself. I’ve read a number of her books and wasn’t overly impressed. They were alright – but that’s about it for me. She never even came close to being an autobuy author for me – so I can’t really recommend any – not like I can a certain other book that I know you just found.

    And they’re calling me a stalker now *sniff* I’m not even mentioning names.

  5. I read her years ago so I think her books have become quite dated. I tried to get to her website but it’s down right now.

    I’m thinking the ones I liked were the Texas books (they have Texas in the title). There were re-printed in the late 90s so I don’t know if you can find them used.


  6. me again…

    category romance – keeping in mind I have read very few other than HH – Heidi Betts and Jessica Bird (aka JR Ward) are two I would rec.

  7. heeeeee I have this tbr… I picked up about six of SB’s reissues a while back at a bag sale. They sat on the shelf with her two westerns.

    I pulled one down not too long ago to skim through, hate, and pack up to make room on the shelf.

    I liked it. I admit I liked it in a very diana palmer way. But hell most of them are 80s and early 90 romances and have a high cheese factor. So because of Led Astry I now own 9 of those small books and haven’t read another yet.

    But I will prolly like em ;). I have no shame. But I haven’t read any of her big books that made her a best seller, and prompted the publisher to reissue these.

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