McNaught Once and Always

Borrowed the above from the library ‘cos two of my girlfriends raved about Judith McNaught. And, boy, am I hooked.

Don’t know if it’s my preference for historical romances, but this novel has a nice balance of lush details and character development to keep me peeled to its pages for ten delightful hours, broken only by meal preparations. It helped that I read this over the Lunar New Year festive holidays, when I had plenty of time to read undisturbed for hours. The only bit which didn’t quite work for me was the big-MIS in the last two chapters. It was one of the weaker plot points of the book, IMO.

Still, I’ll probably borrow a few more McNaught romances before I decide which book to buy. I have a feeling some of hers would be keepers. I quite like the cover of this paperback edition that I picked up. The redhead with the dimple and ‘come-hither look’ certainly appears a lot more inviting than the cover design of the reissue with the scenery of a country estate.


7 thoughts on “McNaught Once and Always

  1. I liked her three (?) contemporaries. Perfect and Paradise although Big-Ms both and then there was Double Standards – the end of this one slayed me. Wonder if it would still hold up?


  2. I think Almost Heaven is my second favourite book by her. Again though, it does have the big M. WheresMyHero just did a good review on Something Wonderful. I don’t remember that one too well so I think I’ll see if I can find it too.

  3. ag says:

    p.s. my girlfriends are absolutely crazy about Whitney My Love, Almost Heaven and Something Wonderful.

    I remeber reading A Kingdom of Dreams, but can’t recall the plot or characters now.

  4. ag says:

    hey tara, I believe this is an out of print version. The library copy was pretty worn. 😦

    yeah, I think she does use the Big M a lot.

    kristie, any other faves? overall the book is strong up to the Big M which luckily happened towards the end.

    amanda, I think we all evolved after a while. There are some books which used to be faves but when I re-read them recently, I couldn’t understand how I was so enamoured of them. And I’m not just talking about JG or McNaught. In fact, I can’t even recall which McNaught story I like. Either I’m getting on in age, or there wasn’t any really memorable works.

    Of course, you do get diamonds like JG’s ‘Saving Grace’ and Thornton’s ‘Strangers at Dawn’. But most others are enjoyable, and to a certain degree, comfortable familiar reads. What about you?

  5. Which McNaught do you like the best so far, AG? Her older titles have been favorites of mine for ages, but I haven’t read any lately & I’m afraid my opinion may have changed.

    For example, I used to adore the older Julie Garwoods, but recently I’ve reread a few & discovered they aren’t as fantastic as I thought they were. Perhaps I’ve evolved?

    My biggest peeve with Ms. McNaught is the fact that her H/H don’t communicate, thus the Big Misunderstanding.

  6. I think I mentioned before that this one is my favourite McNaught. After I said that I went and (miraculously) found my copy (which is totally different than the one you have and also the one you mentioned). I’ll post the picture on my blog since I have no idea how to do it here. As Tara said – she’s big on the Big M – so the one here isn’t that big compared to some of her other ones. Also, this was written quite a while ago before heroes began tapping into their feminine side.

  7. 1. I’ve never seen this cover before.

    2. Don’t you think McNaught over uses the Big misunderstanding? I can’t think of a book that doesn’t at some point have this as a plot point.

    I haven’t reread this in years, I’m not sure I even have a copy, but it does get me thinking about some of her oldies but goodies.

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